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Dear Editor,

All Councillors have a responsibility of being a “Corporate Parent” to vulnerable Children and Young People.

An important facet of this work falls to members of the Corporate Parenting Committee.

These meetings are a key tool in the oversight and vital assurance of the education, health and care received by ‘our Children’.

Yet at a recent meeting, ‘Labour’ continued their quest to remove elected and responsible councillors from decision making by proposing a ‘cut’ in the number of these meetings, suggesting they weren’t necessary!

Conservative, Independent and Liberal Democratic councillors were united in voting to defer this proposal in view of the ongoing lack of detail that continues to mar how this ‘Change to a Full Committee System in May’ is going to function.


Cllr Rachel Bailey
Member of Corporate Parenting Committee
Cheshire East Council

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  1. Martin Bond says:

    It’s a bit much for Conservative councillors to complain about reducing local democracy when their leaders in Westminster are reducing the sovereignty of Parliament and potentially outlawing the right to peaceful protest.

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