CEC car park - parking charges recommenced on 15th June (4) (1)

Dear Editor,

Crewe shoppers and visitors are being exploited and ripped off by the Labour run Cheshire East Council on car park charges.

Crewe pays the highest parking fees in Cheshire East but in NINE other towns (Sandbach, Alsager, Middlewich, Handforth, Prestbury, Poynton, Bollington, Disley and Holmes Chapel) motorists pay NOTHING to park.

How has this ever been allowed? This unfairness has gone on for TWELVE years, since the Borough Council was formed.

The Tories led the Council from 2009 to 2019 and since then Labour have led the Council.

Neither party has done ANYTHING to stop this gross unfairness to Crewe over car parking charges.

We say enough is enough.

We are calling for the parking charges in Crewe to be HALVED and to make up the shortfall in income by charging the same for every Council car park in all the towns across the Borough.

Crewe is the most deprived town in the whole of Cheshire East.

Five of the six most deprived wards in Cheshire East (out of 52) are in Crewe.

So how come Crewe has the highest car parking charges and in NINE better off towns there are NO parking charges at all?

How can that possibly be justified? It is just so totally unfair.

Crewe town centre is in a spiral of decline so hefty car parking charges only make matters worse.

Crewe Town Council should be leading the campaign to cut car parking charges in the town but as usual they do nothing.

The Grand Junction Retail Park in Earle Street, with 800 FREE car parking spaces, has become the alternative town centre for Crewe.

The way that Crewe has been allowed to decline is very sad.

The existing Tory and Labour Councillors have presided over the freefall of Crewe and it is about time the town was revived.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester
Candidate Crewe West
‘Putting Crewe First’


  1. Sleeisgay4frog says:

    Crewe is a dump, it’s one big landfill really. Dirty and smelly town.
    Crewe is a horrible place with some really horrible people.
    A lot of users and liars. A lot make out to be your friend – but really all they want to do is use you for your money and take the p*ss out of you.
    You wouldn’t catch me in Crewe, NOT even for my own funeral.

  2. Don says:

    This is the reason I DO NOT use Crewe for anything unless I have no other option.

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