Census - cheshire east council headquarters - pic by Mike Faherty

Dear Editor,

As a fairly new elected member of Cheshire East Borough Council, I anticipated a Leadership from a new administration with the same grace, professionalism and dignity as the previous Conservative administration.

The Labour Leader may not be a member of the party that I support, but I am a firm believer that decision making in Cheshire East and behaving respectfully towards one another are key attributes required to run a borough successfully.

On the day of the funeral of HRH Prince Philip, @Cllr Sam Corcoran re-tweeted a picture of pig with its head in the trough emblazoned in the union flag and the wording ‘Conservative’.

Firstly, is it appropriate at any time to spread political nastiness as the Leader of the Council (he is supposed to lead all parties!)?

And secondly and more importantly, is it not disrespectful and poor representation of our Cheshire East residents at a time when the union flag across the country was being flown at half mast as a mark of respect that it was used by @cllrsamcorcoran as a political weapon?


Cllr Kate Parkinson
High Legh Ward
Cheshire East Council


  1. Alison Bennion says:

    I would question the intellect of anyone retweeting something from Adonis full stop. The man is still suffering from Brexit Derangement Syndrome and always will. New Labour of which he was a part had plenty of troughers sucking on the European teat. Just like their predecessors the Kinnocks. But yes the tweet is undignified puerile and inappropriate when union flags were flying at half mast and the nation in mourning.

  2. Martin Bond says:

    I don’t know about grace and dignity, but I thought the problem with the Conservative administration wasn’t their professionalism but their incompetence.
    Meantime the leader of Kate’s party shows us with his buffoonery how not to have grace and dignity. Perhaps she should clean her own parties stables first.

  3. Kevin Wood says:

    The man is a bafoon.

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