Crewe Municipal Buildings

Dear Editor,

The main entrance to the Municipal Buildings in Crewe, is locked, barred and chained.

The signs on the gates are all over the place, most are badly weathered and one is nearly a month out of date!

How is it I can walk into any shop, fast food, pub, market etc. in Crewe but I can’t walk into the Municipal Buildings, which I pay for through my exorbitant Council Tax?

This disgraceful by the Labour run Cheshire East Council.

The public should be able to walk into the Municipal Buildings freely.

The Municipal Buildings should not be locked up like a prison to stop public access.

The front doors of the Municipal Buildings should be opened to the public today.

Labour has all 20 Town Councillors in the town and all 10 Borough Councillors in the town and not one is the least bit concerned that the front access to the Municipal Buildings, the main Council Buildings in the town for over 100 years, is locked, barred and chained to stop the public getting in and on top of that, is in a disgraceful unkempt state.


Cllr Brian Silvester
Leader, Putting Crewe First


  1. brian silvester says:

    The COVID vaccine is a never before used mRNA vaccine and the PCR tests works by amplifying the DNA found in the test.
    So I am right on both counts.

  2. Derek Whittey says:

    Maybe it’s where they are hiding all the genetically modified humans Brian.

    “Local councillor Brian Silvester has suggested that the Coronavirus is part of a conspiracy to create genetically modified humans.
    Mr Silvester, parish councillor for Woolstanwood also suggested that the current pandemic was also about harvesting human DNA.”

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