blackspot - ‘PEDESTRIANS IN ROAD’ roadside sign on Wistaston Green Road adjacent to Bellway ‘Kingfisher Reach’ housing development - July 2021 (1)

Dear Editor,
I raised my concerns last August and again in January this year relating to the safety of walkers on the busy Wistaston Green Road in Wistaston, due to its degraded road surface and the obstructions and narrowing of the path adjacent to the Bellway ‘Kingfisher Reach’ housing development construction site.

I have reported the hazards on Cheshire East Council’s ‘Report It’ website

Unfortunately, again, nearly a year later, the situation has barely improved.

Whilst some sections of Wistaston Green Road between the Golden Jubilee Bridge to near Brydson Crescent junction have been patched up there are still numerous potholes and ruts on other parts of the road.

The obstructions and the narrowing of the path, caused by temporary signage and fenced off areas at the roadside, that appeared on Wistaston Green Road due to the Bellway construction site are also still in place.

These factors make social distancing very difficult without a party stepping further into the road to pass each-other.

Some of the original ‘PEDESTRIANS IN ROAD’ signs are thankfully still in place along this section of road, so Cheshire East Council and Bellway continue to acknowledge that this is a dangerous route for walkers.

However, Cheshire East Council should have forced Bellway to build a tarmacked footpath alongside the affected area on Wistaston Green Road prior to the start of construction on their housing development.

Bellway still need to liaise with Cheshire East Council to improve pedestrian safety immediately by removing the obstructions and widening and tarmacking the pathway, otherwise I am ever fearful there will be a collision with a member of the public.


Jonathan White

Aerial view Wistaston green Road and bellway housing development

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  1. Totally agree that CEC should have insisted on footpath being provided by Bellway prior to start of development.My granddaughter has to walk to school each day along Wistaston Green Road as she lives on the new estate.I feel that not having a footpath for part of the way is dangerous and unacceptable

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