hate crime - Cllr Craig Bailey, Willaston parish Council

A Willaston councillor says he may quit after suffering a second homophobic assault in the village.

Cllr Craig Bailey says he and his partner Wayne were verbally abused by two youths.

One of the youths, believed to be aged around 13-14, claimed to have a knife and followed Cllr Bailey into a field before he managed to call police.

The couple who are members of Willaston Parish Council were carrying out volunteer work on some planters in the village on Park Road at the time of the incident at around 7.20pm yesterday (Sept 17).

He said: “We were at the planter on the corner of Bayley Road which is where they emerged from. We were both shook up by this incident.

“But sadly this is the second time in less than a year that I have had homophobia directed towards me whilst volunteering in the village.

“What was more worrying yesterday is that this youth said he had a knife. I am now needing to wait five days to make a statement with officers.

“I am passionate about Willaston, the community and my work on the council.

“But I am now considering whether to continue as a local councillor.”

Cllr Bailey said the youth who claimed to have a knife knew who they were and so deliberately harassed them.

Cllr Bailey and his partner Wayne say they were also victims of homophobic abuse last November on Cheerbrook Road.

“We had an adult stop in a car when we were going to lock the playing field and shout homophobic remarks at us,” he added.

“I’ve been a councillor since 2015.

“This has made me reflect – as the harassment was targeted at us because of being councillors and the role we play in the community and especially that he said he had a knife.

“However, I know that this behaviour is very much the minority and Willaston is a wonderful place and community and one which I will continue to serve.

“Police told us officers would attend at my house but no one did. I don’t know if they found the youths.

“I had a text and the earliest time they could give me for a telephone call from officers is Wednesday afternoon.

“It seems shocking for an incident where someone claimed to be armed.”

We have contacted Nantwich Police and are awaiting a reply.

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  1. Forget labels, it never pays to blame just one thing being an issue, forget the police being involved these days as this is clearly no longer a priority but remember bullies need to be called out, stand firm you have done nothing wrong, you care where others don’t so stay firm and call these weak bullies out for the cowards they are, and remember when their life is done do you think for one moment they will have achieved any life goal? I very much doubt it as bullies are always the losers, the ugly side of life, no amount of good things will ever come their way. Go well you can do it

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