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Nantwich residents are adding their voices to calls for politicians to “Walk the Walk” and protect future generations.

Sustainable Nantwich has organised a walk at 10am on Saturday October 30 to bring people together – on the eve of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

The gentle ramble will be along the River Weaver through Nantwich, from Reaseheath to the Coed Wen community woodland.

It aims to give people a chance to get together “for the planet” and learn about some of the town’s community environmental schemes.

The event kicks off at Reaseheath – meet at the Library.

Sustainable Nantwich campaigner Jeremy Herbert said now is a critical point in human history.

“World leaders have been burying their heads in the sand but they can’t ignore the climate emergency any longer,” he added.

“Boris Johnson last week told world leaders to ‘grow up’ and ‘listen to the scientists’.

“We are calling on him and his colleagues around the world to walk the walk. That’s what we are dong!

“The real power to change things lays in the hands of Governments.

“They make the laws. We need international action and there’s no time to lose.”

The community group has spearheaded an initiative to support Cheshire businesses in going zero carbon.

Working with Reaseheath College the new Cheshire Zero Carbon network kicks off with a virtual conference on Wednesday October 27.

Top level business leaders are on board. International environmental expert Jonathon Porritt CBE is the keynote speaker.

The event is free and open to all. For more information and to book your place go to:


  1. Climate Walk is also your opportunity to communicate your environmental ideas directly to our political representatives. The Mayor and the Leader of Cheshire East and other local politicians are joining this Nantwich Climate Walk. Our MP has been invited (Boris Johnson was not available).

  2. Jake Kimber says:

    how will a walk solve anything? Far better to include on the walk local politicians who can have areas of improvement pointed out, no dropped kerbs where there should be, no cycle lanes other than the park paths where you risk dog owners tripping you up with those 100′ leads, cycle lanes suddenly running out, and having to navigate the next area in the road, even the football ground doesn’t have a connecting cycle lane, just a clump of grass, planning for these estates should include all this but never does

  3. It needs to start with more traffic-free areas to cycle, the car drivers seem to think they own the area, difficult to trust mixed-use roads now, far too difficult, other towns do so much better

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