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Humans are naturally communal – we thrive on our social ties.

Without meaningful human connection it’s easy for us to become apathetic and dispirited.

These relationships can sometimes be hard to build. You want to connect with people on a deeper level, rather than surface-level friendships.

Below, we explore how to find meaningful connections.

Join a group
Joining a group with similar hobbies and passions can help you meet new people. This could be via a book or film club, or even a dance class.

Ultimately, it’s all about finding a hobby you enjoy and sharing it with other like-minded people.

Volunteering to help those less fortunate can also lead to meaningful connections. For a start, you can become friends with those you’re helping.

Many volunteering roles include chatting to and helping out others. At the same time, you can meet other volunteers who share a similar mindset.

Help your neighbours
Befriending your neighbours can help you feel less isolated in your community – it can help you feel like a part of the local area.

You can do this by offering to help them: maybe there’s something heavy to be carried into their house, or they need a babysitter or someone to look after a pet.

Either way, it’s a good idea to say yes to any favours.

Spend time with elderly
Spending time with the elderly can help you form meaningful connections too.

Many elderly people are lonely and isolated, so your company is hugely welcome.

Not only can you form an interesting friendship, but there’s a sense of wellness to be gained from helping an elderly person fend off loneliness.

Reach out to an old friend
Some of your old friends will still be there waiting for you, eager to rebuild a lost friendship or to simply get back in contact.

This can be one of the most effective ways of forming a meaningful connection.

It could take just a simple gesture to get back in contact with someone.

You could buy a gift like a chocolate advent calendar for 2021 or arrange a telephone call to properly catch up.

Join a group sport
Group sports are a great way of forming connections. When you work together on the pitch or the court you need to know your teammates.

The more you play, the better you’ll get to know everyone. What’s more, many sports teams have social occasions outside of games too.

Meaningful human connections are crucial for our wellbeing.

It can be daunting to get out there and get to know people, but by trying out some of the ideas above, you’ll give yourself every chance of finding a deeper connection.

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