stapeley crossing peter de stapleigh way

Stapeley councillors say funding has been secured for a new Puffin crossing on the busy Peter de Stapleigh Way.

It comes just weeks after a schoolboy was hit by a car using a drop-down kerb crossing.

Cheshire East Council Highways has confirmed a new controlled Puffin crossing will be installed following a safety assessment conducted in the summer.

It’s expected to be installed in the next financial year beginning April 2022.

Cheshire East councillors Andrew Martin and Peter Groves and MP Dr Kieran Mullan say they are pressing for quicker action after the recent accident involving a Brine Leas student.

Cllr Groves said: “We are very glad to have secured the funding for this after we raised it repeatedly on behalf of residents.

“I know many residents have been concerned and I think for good reason.

councillors and MP at crossing“I also think it is important Cheshire East review what can be done before April next year as well.

“We would hope that these will include a speed limit review, better signage, and lighting.”

MP Dr Mullan said: “I want to thank the residents who raised this and thank Peter and Andrew for being so persistent.

“We have been able to get a good outcome. But I still think this needs short term action.

“It is dangerous. It is basically a concealed exit onto a 40mph road.”

After the incident in October involving a pupil, Councillor Craig Browne, chair of Cheshire East Council’s highways and transport committee, said: “Cheshire East highways installed a pedestrian crossing point in July 2020, which connects the public footpath from the Stapeley Gardens estate at the point where it crosses Peter Destapleigh Way.

““The crossing facility was designed in accordance with the latest design guidance and standards and included a final stage road safety audit.

“We are aware of concerns over road safety, including the dropped kerb crossing from Stapeley Gardens estate over Peter Destapleigh Way, and a further review is being undertaken, exploring all options.”


  1. So one problem solved and another stacking up at the lights then. A better idea would be a path down to the lights at the pub as a crossing plus lower speeds and actual signage

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