Crewe Christmas lights switch-on

Dear Editor,
At their recent meeting, I criticised the Labour run Crewe Town Council for not allowing the people of Crewe to attend the official switch on of the Xmas Lights.

Usually this is a big event, which marks the beginning of the Xmas celebrations, with entertainment and street stalls etc.

I made the point that nearby Nantwich had thousands at their switch on and most towns and cities across the UK allowed the public to attend their switch-ons this year.

I said if over 4,000 could watch Crewe Alex every two weeks and several hundred could enjoy the Panto each night at the Lyceum, I could see no reason why a few thousand Crewe residents couldn’t be at the switch on of the lights for just one night of the year.

Crewe’s Town Council hard-pressed Council Taxpayers are paying for the Xmas lights and they have been short changed because they were not allowed to attend the switch on.

The Mayor said he sincerely hoped there could be a public switch on next year.

My question is after 1.50 mins.


Cllr Brian Silvester
Leader Putting Crewe First


  1. Eric Challenor says:

    Nantwich News has let the town down by publicising the views of an extremist like Brian Sylvester.

    His views are not welcome here and Nantwich News should know better.

    • Why do you feel Brian Sylvester is an extremist? I would say his views on this are perfectly valid. Who knows why the switch on of Crewe lights did not have an audience, there must have been a reason given no such limitation was present during the Rememberance Sunday service in Crewe
      Personally I care not a not either way as the lights are there every night, what is so special about a live switch on?

  2. ‘Putting Crewe First’ are working to win Council seats off Labour in Crewe.
    We are publicising the many failings of the Labour Councillors and informing the good residents of Crewe that things don’t have to be so bad in the town.
    There is a better way and their vote can bring about that change.
    If any Crewe residents want to help with our campaign please email us on [email protected]

  3. Derek Whittey says:

    Dear Editor,
    Why is it that every time I come on this website there is another moaning letter by Cllr Brian Silvester? Do other people not write into the website, or do you feel that Cllr Brian Silvester’s opinion in more valid than others?

    This post for example, is pointing out that Crewe were more covid cautious than Nantwich when turning on their lights. Crewe town centre has seen better times, and I hope it sees better in the very near future, however the other town seems to be thriving. Maybe Crewe town council didn’t want to throw an event which no one really wanted to turn up to.

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