Barony Sports complex in Nantwich

Nantwich residents are being urged to have their say on a masterplan of ideas for the town’s Barony Park.

Cheshire East Council, Nantwich Town Council, the Friends of the Barony and Nantwich in Bloom have developed the “vision” for future improvements to the community space.

It includes new outdoor gym equipment, an ecological learning space where there will be tree and bulb planting, bird boxes and bat boxes, a new skate area, an enhanced play area, a picnic area and orchard, and refurbished toilet facilities.

Council chiefs say feedback will help identify priorities of the local community so fundraising can be focused.

Cllr Mick Warren, chair of Cheshire East Council’s environment and communities committee, said: “Barony Park is already a fantastic community space and is extremely well used.

“But taking care of our mental and physical wellbeing is more important than ever and we hope that by making improvements and providing further facilities for people to enjoy, it will inspire more people to get outdoors.

“Improving our green spaces, including planting trees, also enables us to enhance and protect the natural environment of our borough, contributing to the priorities of our environment strategy.

“To put together a vision for the future of Barony Park, we have worked closely with our partners to see what could be achievable.

“And, while we cannot promise that everything will be delivered – our masterplan is dependent on securing the necessary funding needed – we want to hear from as many people as possible about what their priorities, views and ideas are for the park, so that we can identify the areas we should first be focusing on.”

The masterplan (pictured, below) can also be viewed by visiting and scrolling down to the bottom of the page and the Barony Park section.

To share your feedback, email: [email protected]

Barony Park masterplan
Barony Park masterplan


  1. Ian Arrowsmith says:

    Ok strongly disagree with any comments suggesting a ban on dogs from the Baroney. As a resident of the area, and a dog owner, I can confidently say that every dog owner I have seen in the park has behaved in a socially responsible manner, picks up the mess after there dog and has them under control. It is a very pleasant area for dog owners to meet and socialise their pets and has been for many, many years. I have not witnessed any dog causing any issues in the park, which is more than I can say for people unfortunately

  2. Gerald Dresmond says:

    Here we go someone suggests limited dog areas of the park and all the dog owners get huffy. In reality a dog on a lead in a confined space is fine, but off lead or long lead? Come on common sense here, off lead is a no no ask a cyclist for an opinion too

  3. I think a all weather flood lit football pitch would be good
    Also a sensory area

  4. The park is for all – not just a handful of those that exercise. Every dog walker I have seen (I live directly opposite and have worked from home for the past 20 months so I have seen a LOT) have cleared any mess and have enjoyed the park safely and with respect of others.
    Many elderly people who walk dogs on the park do so because its the only safe, local place to do so – this also helps alleviate isolation for many.

  5. I think the ideas are all positive, especially the new skatepark and the idea of netball markings.

    I strongly disagree with banning dogs from the park. A minority of irresponsible people should not be allowed to influence the parks use. The same could be said for teenagers with littering, but no-one is proposing they be banned! Let’s be reasonable.

  6. How about a petanque area? It could be a first for south Cheshire.

  7. The idea that the site should be dog free for those exercising is very selfish and unreasonable. It is not dog owners who leave broken bottles, cans and other litter scattered all over the park .This facility should be available for everyone to use hopefully in a responsible manner

  8. Clare Pearson says:

    I’m really excited to see the skate park will be revamped, I have 2 young boys that will make great use of this.

  9. The entire site should dog free precious little area is left where you can excersise without a loose dog bounding up or a dog on a long lead tripping you and don’t mention any dog toilet habits either

    • Dog are the best. Better than people. They don’t bring waste. People do. They cannot clean after themselves. Their owner should. It would be a case for the lawyers if it was decided to be a dog free zone. Nonsense!!

    • Ha – what a ludicrous idea. Maybe try exercising away from a dog on a long lead rather than, as you say, bounding up to it!

  10. Agree with request for netball markings. Think refreshments facility should be at back of main building near car park/picnic area, possibly also the public toilets. Think dogs should be excluded from all sports areas. Otherwise, looks good

  11. I think the plan looks fantastic. Particularly pleased to see the skate park will be reinstated. The sooner that happens the better.

  12. If you could include netball markings on the all weather sports pitch, that would be great.
    A lot of focus is put on football and basketball but there is a vast community of netballers in Cheshire and we struggle to hire courts unless it’s a school and they charge a fortune.

    Barony could then just have a couple of posts in storage perhaps?

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