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The last couple of years have seen something of an exodus from the city centre.

National lockdowns and increased homeworking opportunities inspired a large number of Londoners, both professionals and families, to move out of the city in search of ‘the good life’.

For some, the reality lived up to the dream.

For others, it’s been more of a culture shock than they expected.

Having to drive half an hour every time you need to ‘pop’ to the shop, a lack of social activities in the evenings and struggling to fit in to the village ‘clique’ have left many pining for the vibrancy and convenience of the city.

Danny Luke, from property buying company Quick Move Now, explains: “The national lockdowns left many people longing for more space.

“The incentive of the stamp duty holiday was then enough to create a sense of urgency, leading many people, who may have otherwise been on the fence, to make the leap to move.

“Whether it was the draw of being closer to family, a desire for more outdoor space, or the dream of a slower pace of life, it’s estimated that 320,000 people left London in 2020.

“It’s interesting that so many people are now keen to move back to the city after being away for such a short period of time. London is one of those places; it is unlike any other city in the UK and the draw to return is very strong for a lot of people.

“Moving back to the city doesn’t necessarily mean moving backwards, however.

“A lot of those returning are using it as an opportunity to explore new areas of London. Returning to the city they love but seeking new adventures.

“The great news for those who are hoping to move back is that London property prices haven’t seen the same growth that other areas of the UK have experienced over the last two years.

“If you moved to a desirable area outside of London towards the start of the pandemic, it’s highly likely that you may be able to make a small profit on the sale of your property.

“You may find you’re surprised at what opportunities that affords you in terms of a new London home.”

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