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Tory Cheshire East MP Edward Timpson said Government leaders should lead by example and called it “shameful” those setting the rules did not follow them during lockdown.

Eddisbury MP Mr Timpson issued a statement after Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologised for breaking the rules when he was fined £50 following the police investigation into Partygate.

Mr Timpson said: “We have — many of us — had to part company forever with people we have loved, but in such a difficult and distant way, and one that we will never get the chance to improve upon.

“That moment is gone, because we did the right thing and obeyed the health regulations, and took our responsibility for the health of others seriously.

“I am appalled that we did not see that selflessness at the heart of government, and can only say it makes the example that those who have contacted me about their own experiences set shine all the greater. Thank you.

“Those setting the regulations — leaders – should lead by example.

“That did not happen in these cases, as the Metropolitan Police has made clear by issuing fixed penalty notices this week.

“I find that shameful — as do my Party colleagues — even if the fines only carry the same legal weight as a parking ticket.

“I feel we must look to the rules-based society which our democracy exists to uphold, and ensure that all are treated equally in it, whatever their station in life, and even when they didn’t think those rules were being broken.

“Those who devised the health regulations and didn’t always obey them have been subject to the same penalties they also devised, and they have paid those penalties and apologised.

“I am pleased there is no sign of special treatment—that would be intolerable.”

Mr Timpson said he hoped his response showed that “backbench, constituency MPs like me are not prepared to defend the indefensible”.

Mr Johnson told reporters yesterday he “humbly accepts” he breached Covid-19 rules, although claims he didn’t realise he had at the time.

He apologised and said he has paid the fine.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has also paid a £50 fine for breaching the rules during lockdown and offered an “unreserved apology”.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service has left messages for Cheshire East’s other four MPs – including Crewe and Nantwich MP Kieran Mullan – asking for a response regarding the fines issued to the PM and Chancellor.

We have not yet received a response.

(Story by Belinda Ryan, local democracy reporter)

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  1. Eddie Harris says:

    Yes, it is a disgrace the actions of an entitled person, but the time to bang on about this is well gone, there are other more vital things to deal with without raking over the past. time for action will be October at the party conference where he will apologise, stand down, and move on if he has any sense

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