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Dear Editor,

We are in Cornwall at the moment returning home tomorrow, have yet to see a pothole, in fact we are having withdrawal symptoms due to not having too continually meander to miss holes in the road.

CEC please contact Cornwall Council for advice on road maintenance and management.

In the main the current complaints have centred on signage, organisational skills, communication with Council Taxpayers etc.

Also if you ask difficult questions of Senior Officers they refuse to answer so beware if you raise anything, and then say they will not communicate any further on the matter.

I attach two photos of Bankfield Avenue that in my mind sums up CEC and its problems.

Photo 1 (above) taken 6th April 2022 shows an area marked in white for patch repairing, the much larger area is ignored – if you zoom in the depths and substructure breakup is the same.

The small area has been repaired the much larger area awaits a future white spraying and eventual repair.

Extra additional cost to taxpayers and more profit for the Contractors.

It is not as bad as Wrenbury, but I like the swear box notice they recently posted about!

Photo 2 (below) taken 31st May 2022. The signage says Crewe Road Closed Ahead.

Bankfield Avenue - potholes - cornwall (1)

When in fact it was Rope Lane that was closed for the second time in a few weeks, the first for 5 days.

Who authorised the signage?

I suspect it is someone with no local knowledge, is deskbound and does not google the area or have a street map.

You did not need to go via Laidon Avenue but could have continued along Rope Bank Avenue if coming from the school, to access Crewe Road.

Many motorists ignored the signage as they did not want to access Crewe Road, this caused U turns etc.

Thank God they did not do a sod-cutting ceremony to start the works.

My final point is there has been a number of comments published from our elected councillors, are they being given the run around by their officers, are they not being updated.

When you read CEC’s reports they are short on content quality but have a high level of clap trap.

Perhaps this is why some councillors are raising issues in public. CEC never will admit if they got it wrong.


Chris Moorhouse

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  1. Well said Chris. CEC seem to believe they have carte blanche to make decisions and undertake projects with absolutely no reasonable explanation or public engagement.

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