University student working and studying abroad

Universities are hubs of learning.

They are not all about exams and papers. These academic institutions have shaped the minds of many brilliant people across the generations.

A university is a good place, and many people feel attending one also provides an escape from difficult domestic situations.

But studying can cause a lot of stress. Many students experience tension at the mere thought of writing their next essay. Although they now can check the list of informative essay examples on the grades fixer, this does not completely solve the problem. After all, everyone is afraid of getting a bad grade.

If you have several free examples of online essays to follow, there is a high chance you will write properly and get on a spell for good grades.

After leaving sixth form or an FE college, the next move for a typical student is to go to university.

Others may prefer to go to start work or study for an apprenticeship at college.

What are the factors that should influence your decision?

The hiring procedure for your industry

Companies are searching for new ways to reduce competition and select the best candidates that they can find.

Moreover, some organizations even have hiring agencies to filter out under-qualified people.

Some tech companies even have algorithms to discard resumes that don’t have university qualifications.

It depends on your industry of choice

Do an in-depth level of research on any industry that you plan to work in.

Trades like plumbing, electrics and carpentry don’t typically require a university qualification.

Programming and computer science-related careers require a lot of self-learning.

A good portfolio and work experience might make you stand a good chance of getting a job.

A professional career in economics, medicine, or engineering requires an academic degree.

What is your definition of being successful?

What do you think of being successful in life?

Do you feel that enrolling as a university student is an essential component of being counted as an accomplished person?

Then go for it. Perhaps, no one has ever completed a university degree in your family.

It might be your desire to be the first person to achieve that feat. Work hard towards that goal.

Or, you could be aiming to be the first person to discover a highly potent cancer medication or write a research paper on the process of solving climate change.

In the UK, you need to pay your university tuition fees with student loans.

If you are from a rich family that has a successful business, what is the point of going to university, receiving bad comments for your writing analysis, and draining your finances unnecessarily?

It could be more beneficial to learn your family’s trade.

What are the advantages of going to university?

Don’t be deceived. Many specialised modern jobs and professionals require a qualification or degree.

Attending a higher education institution will open you up to many networking opportunities.

You will meet people that will make you excel in your profession.

Statistics have also shown that people who attend university often make a lot more money compared to those who don’t.

What are the alternatives to university?

Not everyone is academically strong enough to go to university.

It may not be worth it to burden yourself with student loans and still graduate with poor grades.

If you don’t plan to go through the conventional route, here are the options that you can select.


Apprenticeships help you to acquire real-world experience and acquire knowledge about how the business world work.

You will meet up with clients and understand to negotiate and get good deals.

Moreover, you can get an apprenticeship related to a conventional profession such as law, engineering, or medical sciences.

Technical college

It is not about getting yourself into a typical student contract for grades.

In these usually pure skills-related institutions, you can learn a lot of things related to automobile technology, aviation, plumbing, or electrical wiring, depending on your interests.

If you desire, you can even go into fashion design, cooking, or artwork modelling.

Within a few years of learning, you will acquire a lot of high-quality experience.


There are many online certificate programmes that can serve as an accelerated programme compared to a typical university degree.

This kind of system is commonly associated with computer programming, digital marketing, and information systems.

The military

In some advanced countries, joining the military provides a lot of benefits. Your taxes might be reduced, for one.

If you decide to go to college later, the government might sponsor your education.

However, gaining entry into the army, navy, or air force is hard.

You need to meet the necessary physical, mental, and health requirements.

It also means  you will be away from your friends and family for a long time.

You need to take plenty of time to think and discuss with your loved ones.

In summary

Is university still worth it in today’s world? The answer is that it depends on you.

What career do you prefer to embrace? Do you love to become an entrepreneur?

Going to university is like sowing a seed for your future. Is this kind of investment worth it?

If you want to be a lawyer, engineer, or medical personnel, you must go to university.

If you prefer to own a business, you might not necessarily need to.

The Return on Investment (ROI) varies from one different degree to another.

Weigh up your options carefully before making a crucial decision on your pathway to a career.

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