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Plagiarism remains a major concern in the world of academics. Submitting other people’s work as your own may have serious consequences.

Internet development and modern technology enhance access to information.

People lack ideas, so their general tendency is to copy online content. You should always check your work for plagiarism before submitting it.

Besides checking copied work, some tools offer suggestions to improve grammar and punctuation.

Various plagiarism tools can help you to do so. Let’s look at a few of these.

PaperRater is one of the best plagiarism checkers used in many countries.

It is essentially three tools in one- vocabulary builder, grammar check, proofreader, and plagiarism checker.

The tool is developed by professionals in different fields. It produces accurate and real-time results. However, you cannot store the results report.

Besides checking plagiarism, you should check the use of vocabulary and proofread your work.

One way to achieve this is by going through sample essays to understand the use of grammar and sentence structure.

For great ideas and to make your work easier, you can view essay about the effect of fake news on social media on EduZaurus.

Writing professionals can create sample essays on any topic and subject. Read many essay examples to see how best to improve your essays and research papers.

Grammarly is mainly used for writing and English learning. However, it also has a plagiarism checker.

All you need is to upload a file or copy text to check your work. This tool will also help you to gain insights into vocabulary, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Grammarly detects copied work from billions of web pages and internet sources.

It will highlight portions of your text that need referencing and citations. With advanced feedback, you can improve your writing skills.

EasyBib works almost the same as Turnitin. Besides checking for plagiarism, EasyBib will give you suggestions to improve your style and grammar.

You can also submit your work for a longer, in-depth check. This entails getting detailed feedback from experts.

EasyBib helps you to identify mismatched verb sentences, so the paper becomes flawless.

It also helps you to strengthen your arguments and clarify the meaning of sentences.

Duplihecker is another tool that uses DeepSearch technology to check plagiarism.

It offers a regular free version which makes it ideal if you are on a tight budget. It also has a multifunctional paid version.

The tool also has a simple, functional layout, so you don’t need previous experience to use it.

The report will show plagiarism percentages and sentences that have related meanings.

To use Duplichecker, copy texts that are below 1000 words in the space provided.

You can also upload your document for an automatic check. After a free sign-up, you will be able to do 50 checks in a day.

Unicheck works by comparing your work against billions of web sources.

It also compares it with other open databases. This increases the accuracy of the results. You will find the detailed and interactive report useful.

The tool allows you to check similar sources and adjust references and citations.

It promises 99% uptime and gives detailed explanations. Use Unicheck to have further insights to improve your work.

Plagiarism checker
This is a free and user-friendly plagiarism detection tool for students.

It highlights the step-by-step procedures on how to use it. To check if others have copied your work, use the “for authors” section. You can also get an email notification.

This tool is entirely online, so there is no need for downloads. The major drawback is that it only supports Yahoo and Google browsers.

So, if on a different browser, you may need to explore other tools.

Plagium is a basic checker but very effective. It comes with different search levels.

It is easy to use; just copy-paste your text into the space provided. After signing up, you will check our content and receive a report on it.

Plagium features deep search and quick search. It is free for up to 5000 characters.

As a frequent user of the tool, you may need to pay for a subscription.

Deep searches and quick searches have different pricing options but are quite affordable.

Copyleaks is a cloud-based platform that lets you track the usage of your online content.

The education section of this tool is specifically for students and learning institutions.

Copyleaks uses Unicode language to scan content in different formats.

It allows you to search for plagiarized content using the API tool. It also has a mobile up, so you can use it on the go.

Additionally, it has an MS Office add-on that lets you check for plagiarism when writing in MS word.

The problem with this tool is that you can only use it after signing up. Only the first ten pages of your work are free.

For education, you can check up to 25,000 for only $10.99 per month.

This plagiarism detection tool checks texts against scientific journals and online content.

PlagScan is strictly an online tool, so no download is required. There are three ways to do the checks:
• Uploading files directly from your desktop
• Pasting the text into the field provided
• Importing files from the web – in this case, you need to enter the files’ URL or upload it from the cloud storage area.

As a private user, you don’t need any subscriptions.

You will only pay on demand according to your respective needs. Compared to other platforms, PlagScan’s interface is advanced.

Quetext is a functional and basic layout interface for checking plagiarized work.

It checks your content against the internet and various databases. Quetext is free and offers unlimited usage.

All you need is to copy and paste your text into the appropriate area.

Quetext offers an effective way to build citations and fix writing issues.

This detection tool uses Deepsearch technology to detect any copied work. The scans the text in three steps:
• Text analysis
• Fuzzy matching
• Content scoring
After text evaluation, you will receive a plagiarism score detailing any sections that may have been plagiarized.

With technological advancements, you can automatically check your work for plagiarism.

Most of the above tools have a user-friendly interface and are cost-effective.

Checking your work for plagiarism helps you to fix mistakes and improve your writing.

This will also guarantee you high scores in your essays and dissertations.

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