Cllr david marren with parking enforcement officers who could wear body cameras

Nantwich councillors are to run a ground-breaking scheme to crackdown on nuisance parking in the town.

The town council has signed up to a pilot scheme after receiving scores of complaints about on-street parking.

It will see the town council, which previously had no responsibility for parking enforcement, team up with Cheshire East Council.

Power to enforce on-street parking regulations will be “devolved” and enforcement officers will operate out of Nantwich Civic Hall under the direction of town council clerk, Ian Hope.

Cllr David Marren (pictured with an enforcement officer) has been delegated authority to work with Cheshire East Council to develop the scheme, which is the first of its kind in Cheshire.

Cllr Marren said: “This scheme is an experiment, the first in Cheshire.

“The Town Council hopes the scheme will provide immediate discouragement to selfish parking or at the very least more effective enforcement.

“The enforcement officers will be directed to visit locations where there are known problems.”

It is hoped the pilot scheme will highlight issues such as parking too close to junctions, on double yellow lines, and inappropriate parking by blue badge holders.

The scheme, which has been running for two weeks, is scheduled to continue for another six weeks when the results will be assessed.


  1. Most journeys are less than 3 miles. Why not try cycling into town? It’s free, healthy and you have no parking problems at all!

    • Or just park half a mile outside town and walk a short distance. I usually park on Queen’s drive and walk 10 minutes across the park to the town centre.

      I appreciate that some people are unable to walk that far, but they are a small minority. The majority are just too lazy and instead insist on parking wherever they like, not caring how much inconvenience it causes for others, so long as it is as close as possible to their chosen shop.

  2. Well lets see them on Welsh Row as vans are always stopping on double yellows to drop parcels off to local shops causing chaos. Also lets see some enforcement in Swine Market of the Disabled Badge Holders some of whom just dump said car outside B&M, some park on the double yellows if no spaces left and then just disappear into town not looking at all disabled! Also why do we need vehicles driving on the paving throughout town at all times of the day which is dangerous for pedestrians and is totally destroying the paving!

  3. Mike Thornley says:

    According to the Highway Code double yellow lines are meant to signify no waiting at any time. It seems to mean “Disabled parking” in Nantwich. Is this going to be correctly enforced?

  4. keith williams says:

    Take a drive around nantwich And see how many cars are parked on junctions etc and have been for years, scheme, experiment get a grip its the highway code but the council do not enforce it
    Is there an election coming by any chance

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