wildlife - Nantwich Lake, pic under creative commons licence by Espresso Addict

People are being invited to a day of celebration at Nantwich Lake to see new information signs and a swan sculpture unveiled.

The event, from 11am to 3pm on Tuesday April 7, has been organised by Cheshire East Council with the help of Ansa Environmental Services Limited, the RSPCA and The Dogs Trust.

Two new signs about the lake at the bottom of Park Road will be unveiled together with a wooden swan sculpture.

The Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, will be offering a free dog chipping service and general health check, as well as providing general advice to dog owners.

Also present will be members of the Friends of Queens Park conservation group.

One of the swans born at the park in Crewe has flown the nest and now lives on Nantwich Lake.

Elaine Webster, business development officer parks at Ansa Environmental Services, said: “We do hope local residents and visitors will join us on this day to launch the new signage and become more aware of how this popular space can be enjoyed harmoniously by everyone.

“The lake is certainly one of the most stunning beauty spots in Nantwich and the surrounding area.”

(Pic under creative commons licence by Espresso Addict)


  1. Tom Sanders says:

    Fountain back? Noooo it was truly awful, not in keeping at all, save them for the City!!

  2. Christy Roberts says:

    Why are you punishing dog owners who have well behaved dogs and are savvy enough to be in control of their dogs ? The PDSA released a report stating that to many dogs in Britain do not even get one hours off lead walking a day meaning dogs are frustrated and un free to express natural behaviour.why not punish those who are uncaring enough to put their dog on a lead when it is near a swan? Honestly I have two tiny chihuahuas that are smaller than the mallard Ducks around the lake I think it’s daft that these dogs have to be on a lead at all times even when I’m a mile away from a swan! I think litter in the lake is more damaging but you haven’t banned picnicing! Out of the thousands of dogs walker a year a handful have ruined it for the rest of us but you punish the thousands not the handful. What about cyclists ? What about jogers ? Do these not get in the way of people walking and enjoying the views ? Do they not disturb the wildlife by cycling at 15-20mph? Your punishing people who are responsible dog owners , you should be punishing irresponsible ones and rewarding responsible ones. Your free microchipping service isn’t going to ease my feelings about this. I’ll be boycutting the lake. That road probably takes more swans to their death, are you going to put a 10mph speed limit up. Thank you for the blanket rule. Just to let you know, people that are not responsible and have theirs dogs on a lead still pose a threat!

  3. Susan Beech says:

    Can we have the lovely fountain back please?

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