HMIC crime recording - Police officers in Operation Hatay in Cheshire

Cheshire Police has been ruled “inadequate” by a Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC) report into its crime recording processes.

HMIC inspectors, who are reviewing all forces around the UK, estimated that up to 11,600 crimes were not being recorded properly by Cheshire.

More than eight out of 10 (83%) crimes reported were recorded accurately.

But many others were either not accurately recorded or fully negated.

The grading is based on a sample of incidents between June and November last year.

Cheshire Police bosses say they have acted quickly to ensure appropriate support and safeguarding measures are in place for victims.

But Police and Crime Commissioner is inviting concerned members of the public to a Scrutiny Board next month to grill the Chief Constable over the report.

Deputy Chief Constable Janette McCormick said: “We accept the findings in the report.

“Progress has been made but we recognise that, like many other Forces, we have more to do.

“We have already made changes in our crime-recording approach and historically also made significant financial investment in staffing in this arena.

“The safeguarding of victims is always put at the heart of Cheshire’s crime recording process, and considered throughout any subsequent investigation.

“All cases where HMIC inspectors highlighted some issues have been fully reviewed to ensure appropriate support has been put in place.

“While we agree there have been some crime recording errors, this does not mean we are failing victims, nor does the report call into question the integrity of officers and staff.

“The report recognises our good leadership in respect of crime recording and in-roads have been made already in addressing the recommendations in the report.

“The Constabulary will continue to look at how we do things to ensure the public receive the best possible service.

“But we do have some hard choices to make in this financial climate to fully remedy all of the recommendations.

“The Force has been previously praised as a ‘caring’ organisation by HMIC.

“We are, and always will be, fundamentally victim focused, and we will ensure that the public are confident we are providing the best service possible to victims of crime.”

David Keane, cheshire police crime commissionerPolice & Crime Commissioner David Keane said: “HMIC’s findings raise a number of significant concerns regarding crime recording by the Constabulary.

“I am certain residents across the county will share my keenness to fully understand the issues, explore the actions taken to remedy any deficiencies and the progress which has been made against areas for improvement.

“As such, I have made the decision to convene an extra-ordinary Scrutiny Board on 3 July 2017 at Clemonds Hey.

“This meeting will provide the opportunity for me to scrutinise the Chief Constable’s response to HMIC’s findings and explore the issues it raises in detail.

“The meeting will be held in public and I would encourage residents to attend if they wish to.

“Details for the meeting will appear on my website shortly.”

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  1. Andy Scoffin says:

    Hardly surprising is this when people are constantly getting attacked in Crewe and nothing is being done despite bag fulls of evidence

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