Save our Gnomes sign at Laurence Perry's home - mooning

Cheeky mooning gnomes who have been entertaining Wistaston folk for two months have finally been removed by party-pooper highway chiefs.

Pensioner Laurence Perry’s two bare-bottomed garden characters hit the headlines when they caused a village rumpus back in July.

Laurence, 77, placed one outside his home and another at the junction of Westfield Drive/Park Drive in flower borders he has helped cultivate.

But some failed to see the funny side and contacted Cheshire East Council.

They issued an order demanding Laurence remove them, and our exclusive story made headlines around the globe.

Cheshire East claimed because the mooning gnomes light up at night, it could distract passing motorists and cause a safety hazard.

A ‘Save Our Gnome’ sign was erected outside Laurence’s home, and when he moved one to a new position in the flowers he hoped it would resolve the dispute.

“The one at the junction I moved a few feet back into the flower bed, but you could still see him.

“I didn’t move the one outside my house. Everyone loves him, they come and have their photos taken, and beep their horns as they drive by!

“It’s been great fun for the village, and turned them into real celebrities.”

But Cheshire East didn’t quite see the funny side.

A Cheshire East Council spokesman said: “We have previously received a complaint about these items, and due to their position within the public highway, we have a duty to address these concerns.

“A request was made for the ornaments to be relocated off the highway verge.

“That has not taken place, so arrangements were made to move them.

“We aim to act in the interests of all in our local communities, and we hope members of the public understand why this action has been taken.

“The gnomes have not roamed. They are now in a temporary gnome home, where they are cared for, and will be reunited with their owner.”

A family member for Laurence said: “Watch this space, it will soon be Christmas. The gnomes have got a plan.”

laurence perry and the offensive gnomes in wistaston

Happier times!


  1. Jeremy Gibbs says:

    The fact is, this is not the resident’s land. A resident has complained to the Council and they have had to take action. The resident can put what ever he wants within his own garden, but not on highway land.

    • It may not be his land but he has improved the look of the area with his hard work better than letting all grassed areas become dog toilets

  2. More important than pot holes obviously ,did they cone the area off and conduct a full risk assesment befor the eviction ,bring on the Christmas display and remember a gnome is for life not just for christmas.

  3. Freed Murray says:

    Time to remove the biggest overhead distraction, the ones on the bridges of the A500, not to mention countless signs on council owned fencing!!
    Makes the area look cheap and tacky, and downright dangerous.

  4. GILLIAN WEBB says:

    What a load of nonsense. All the publicity has made people look at them more.It is just a bit of harmless fun and makes people smile. Whoever has complained needs to get a life and worry about all the bad things happening in this country and around the world.

  5. What about all the new coop signs at jacksons corner advertisng various products ? surely that is far more distracting especially on on busy main road / junction .
    Typical Cheshire East reaction

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