Compensation - Pothole roads repair team in Cheshire East

Cheshire East Council road chiefs say there has been a “sharp decline” in compensation claims for pothole damage – and that 95% of claims are rejected.

They also believe the decline is due to the authority’s “co-ordinated and robust evidence-based approach to prevention, as well as repairs”.

We revealed yesterday how one Nantwich driver, Kevin Tew, was refused compensation after he said his car was damaged by a 4ft-long, 5in-deep pothole on the bend of Main Road in Weston (pictured, below).

The council declined to comment on that case due to legal proceedings.

But they said the highways service was “working flat out to deal with the increasing number of road defects” and blamed fluctuating winter temperatures for the state of the roads.

“Because of our co-ordinated and robust evidence-based approach to prevention, as well as repairs, we have seen a sharp decline in the number of people claiming compensation for damage linked to potholes – the council currently has a 95% repudiation rate for highways claims,” they said in a statement.

“Our highways teams repair an average of 150 road defects each day, including potholes, and re-surfacing up to 300 square metres of highway to make the borough’s roads safe for residents.

“Defects are categorised according to a national standard of acceptable road surface quality.

“Since January, Cheshire East highways has received a four-fold increase in inquiries from members of the public about potholes and, in response, have increased the number of repair teams operating.

“The council recognises residents are concerned about the number of potholes appearing on our roads and our highways service is working throughout the borough to address the problem on a priority basis.

“In response to concerns about the condition of some of the borough’s roads, the council last month voted through a budget which included investment of an additional £7 million in highways.

“The council also voted to protect its highways budget from further cuts, adding an additional £2m to the initial £5m capital budget available to invest in the borough’s roads maintenance programme.

“Repeated fluctuations in weather conditions – from above to below freezing – coupled with heavy rainfall, create the worst possible conditions for road surfaces and result in an increase in the number of potholes.

“Our strategy is to keep our road network safe through the delivery of pothole and patching repairs.

“We programme larger maintenance schemes for the spring and summer months, when weather conditions are more favourable.

“Conditions in winter may prevent permanent repair in a small number of cases.”

Residents should report any issues to or by phone on 0300 123 5020.

(pic, above, is for display only and is not a current figure for pothole repairs)

Cheshire East over pothole claim, Main Road in Weston

4ft-long potholes on Main Road, Weston


  1. Malcolm Brown says:

    Why don’t the council repair half as many potholes but do the job right so they don’t have to return a month later to fill the same hole. Its an on going event outside our shop they come and throw in a patch with very little preparation the next month their back. TAKE MORE TIME, DO THE JOB RIGHT, DO THE JOB ONCE!!

  2. If I damaged my car on that highway, C.E. would definately be in the small claims court! There is no excuse for that kind if highway damage…..

    • Mike Poole says:

      Are you aware that these holes pop up in winter overnight? It’s not rocket science, water freezes then pop expands, result hole.
      Just drive more slowly, you cannot expect perfection, that may well double your council tax if you do!!
      Bout time folk drove more carefully, Nantwich is like a race track most days.

      • I think the size of potholes in the picture have taken slightly longer than overnight to materialize .I think you are mixing two problems up here.
        I agree that speeding is a problem but the state of the roads effects law abiding drivers and riders as well as those who speed.

  3. Is that something to be proud of…rather than trying to defend Cheshire East why don’t they just get on and repair them….and do them properly so that they last longer than a few weeks

  4. Sorry just had a good look at the picture,
    I can see that the money that was used to buy the cardboard cut out of the council worker holding the impressive sign telling us how many potholes have been repaired has been well spent.
    But the same cannot be said for the quality of the stand to hold him up,as it appears that he requires somebody to hold him up.

    So I ask the question,how many council workers does it take full a pothole?

    Well three apparently,one to look into the hole,one to fill it and one to hold the cardboard cut out telling us how many they have done which is 21643.

    Please don’t tell me they have 21642 old cardboard cutouts they no longer use.

  5. Well I thought being drunk at work would be frowned upon but after reading this article apparently not ,the council must be living in virtual reality ,they will be telling me next there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, unbelievable .

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