Large pothole on Broughton Lane in Wistaston

The Government will pay more than £1 million towards repairing Crewe and Nantwich’s pothole-plagued highways, it has emerged.

Cheshire East Council will receive the extra funds from the national Pothole Action Fund to tackle the borough’s potholes and road defects.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced this week that the national Pothole Action Fund is to be increased to £100 million in total.

And Cheshire East will now receive more than £300,000 more on what it was allocated initially.

Cllr Don Stockton, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for environment, said: “This is welcome news at a time when the council is faced with a real challenge in terms of meeting the demands for road repairs.

“That the secretary of state has increased the amount of funding for all authorities also demonstrates that the pothole problem is not peculiar to Cheshire East; that councils up and down the country are spending more money repairing roads.

“In Cheshire East, we are repairing, on average, 150 road defects a day and have substantially increased the number of highways teams engaged in road repairs.

“We have to prioritise the urgent repairs we are currently carrying out but the additional money will enable us to do more permanent resurfacing work in the spring and summer months ahead.”

Cheshire East Council says it recently increased the amount to be spent on the borough’s roads to £7 million in 2018/19.

Residents should report potholes at or call 0300 123 5020.


  1. malc beeston says:

    two more potholes appearing in station road, between Aldi and The railway pb, 2 weeks!!!!!??

  2. Jo drydon says:

    A road equivalent of a plaster, I suppose a large hole left for weeks is preferred?
    Now we know why so many thousand have been repaired already, they are the sticking plasters of the tarmac world, waiting for a proper job to be fitted in.
    Get real this world is never perfect!!

  3. I’m not sure how the brand new road surface on Prachitts row / outside Morrisons in Nantwich can be so uneven / bumpy with modern machinery to lay the tarmac ,Surely it should be like a sheet of glass especially when the top surface was planed off not just layed on the excisting tarmac

  4. Take a look at the mini roundabout outside Latham’s garage on Pratchitts Row….resurfaced last week, breaking up today and shouldn’t last more than another week….perhaps the Council should pay some consultants to come and inspect it!,

  5. Cheshire East spending £150.000.00 of our money on a consulting company they must be laughing all the way to the bank ,
    Shouldn’t the people who are guilty pay for this & have the money deducted from their salary rather than us paying for yet another blunder . It’s very easy spending someone else’s money I’m 100% sure if they were paying this wouldn’t happen .
    Who do CE keep getting away with all these blunders from top to bottom ,perhaps they should write a book !
    Totally unacceptable behaviour & CE are working for us !

  6. Nigel Lane says:

    Totally agree. There was a massive pot hole at the top end of Cheerbrook Road which was repaired earlier on this year. Within eight weeks the hole was back to its original size.
    So, what is the point of spending money on repairs when it is not done properly. You might as well not bother and chuck the money away.
    No amount of increased spending will sort this problem out if it is not done properly in the first place.

  7. Please repair them properly or do you deliberately make them from a pothole into a speed hump,
    you could try using a roller,or better still hire a spiritualist to contact the Roman roads department and they could advise you on how to build them in the first place.
    Please dont blame the weather it is winter,we know that.
    Stop using it as an excuse and come up with a solution instead.

  8. Now what they need to do is repair the potholes properly. Many are just filled with some tamped-down tarmac and the hole is back again within weeks. It’s like driving over a ploughed field in some places round here!

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