New splitter island located on Church Lane throws traffic heading towards Crewe (1)

I am fearful that the roads in the village of Wistaston where I live will become an accident blackspot due to the associated rise in traffic of several hundred occupants vehicles, on completion of two new, large housing estates Wistaston Brook and Kingfisher Reach

There are three sections of roadway that currently raise my concerns that a disaster is on the horizon unless action is taken immediately by Cheshire East Highways, in conjunction with the developers.

1. ‘Wistaston Brook’ vicinity – A new splitter island located on Church Lane adjacent to Teal Way – the sole entrance/exit of the 300 dwelling Bloor Homes ‘Wistaston Brook’ housing development – ‘throws’ traffic towards the adjacent Wistaston Hall Bridge over Wistaston Brook when heading towards Crewe.
The same island is also not designed for pedestrians to cross the road, thus making it hazardous for anyone wishing to cross this increasingly busy thoroughfare.
The island should be relocated and also be made pedestrian-friendly before a vehicle impacts the bridge or a pedestrian is hit.

2. ‘Wistaston Brook’ vicinity – a road-bridge on Church Lane/Valley Road adjacent to the Joey the Swan recreation area and a short distance from Wistaston Hall Bridge/the new splitter island also raises my concern.
Cheshire East Highways has recently replaced the footbridge next to this road-bridge, rather than widen the road-bridge.
The road-bridge should have been widened to fully accommodate the flow and increased number of wide vehicles, as currently a car and HGV cannot share the same space.
Traffic turning right from Broughton Lane towards this bridge also faces fast moving traffic coming down the hill on Valley Road. Unfortunately, I predict further accidents on this already congested section of road.

Kingfisher Reach
Wistaston Brook housing
Wistaston Brook housing
Splitter Island
Single file bridge

3. ‘Kingfisher Reach’ vicinity – the single-file Golden Jubilee Bridge on Wistaston Green Road adjacent to the 150 dwelling Bellway ‘Kingfisher Reach’ housing development also raises concerns.
I frequently hear the screech of vehicle breaks from the bridge, due to drivers going too fast or unaware of the single-file traffic direction.
With the additional of a significant number of vehicles from Kingfisher Reach and other new local housing developments, I foresee more incidents and accidents in the future due to the increased volume of traffic – the bridge should be widened immediately.

I have reported the hazards above on Cheshire East Council’s ‘Report It’ website,

I hope that appropriate action is taken before there is a catastrophe.

Jonathan White



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  1. Excellent thoughtful article, as usual from Jonathan. Indicative of vehicle obsessed Cheshire East planners who ignore council policy.

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