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If the thought of refurbishing your home fills you with equal levels of excitement and panic, you are probably in need of some advice and reassurance.

Continue reading for our five top tips aimed at helping making refurbishing your home much easier.

1. Plan ahead
Before beginning your big project, be sure to decide which room or rooms you are intending to refurbish, the overall look you are aiming for and who will be doing the work.

Set a budget and stick to it as rigidly as possible.

Ending up with less money than anticipated at the end of a project or even spending too much and not being able to complete could leave you resenting your choices and feeling negative about the entire thing.

2. Hire professionals
Although professional workmanship does come at a cost, knowing that the finish will most likely be at a higher standard than your own work would be makes it worthwhile.

Furthermore, if anything does go wrong, you have someone to throw the problem back at and expect them to fix it.

Be sure to work out the exact costings beforehand and do check testimonials and reviews to ensure you do not choose cowboy tradespeople.

Don’t forget to ask for quotes and compare prices too.

3. Move your things
Sometimes, refurbishing your house while you have all of your belongings inside can be a real nightmare.

If the project is an ongoing one, you may wish to consider using self-storage to keep bulky items or things you are not likely to need for a while.

Check out storage prices in your area to make sure you get the best deal thus lowering your overall project costs.

Not having so many things around could actually make the project quicker as there will be less moving of the sofa, for example, which can take a couple of people a little while to do especially if it is an awkward shape, size or even weight.

4. Ask for help
If you are unable to enlist the help of professionals, as per point 2, then do not be afraid to ask your family and friends to assist in your project.

Undoubtedly, you will know a variety of tradespeople who will be willing to help out here and there.

But do be certain not to take their kind nature for granted as this is their livelihood at the end of the day.

5. Check, check and check
If installation of plumbing or electrical wiring is required as part of your renovation project, it is vital to check, check and check again the work that has already been done prior to commencing another aspect.

It is common for electrics to be fitted and then the next lot of work is completed, but the electrics actually were not done efficiently thus causing a major headache.

Checking work, whether carried out by yourselves or professionals, at every step of the way ought to prevent any snags from being huge issues.

(Pic new homes by lydia_shiningbrightly, creative commons licence)

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