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Dear Editor,

Did my ears deceive me or did Cllr Sam Corcoran, Leader of Cheshire East Council, inform his Cabinet (on Tues May 5) and his residents how marvellous it is to ride his bike on empty roads in lovely clean air?

And, did he really smile in agreement at the comment on how easy it is to find a parking space just now?

Has he no empathy for the thousands of lives lost over the last few months?

Has he no understanding of the distress the relatives of those who have died are suffering because they cannot say goodbye to their loved ones and have only 15 minutes to say goodbye at a cremation service, with only 10 mourners present?

Can he simply overlook the fact that so many people have no idea if their jobs or businesses will be there for them when we emerge from this disaster?

Cllr Sam Corcoran’s delight in the gift of empty roads and cleaner air has blinded him to the viciousness of this evil virus we are all working so hard to defeat.

Yes, life will be different as we emerge from lockdown, and we will adapt to the “new normal”.

In the meantime, this orchestra conductor needs to realise he’s out of tune with the band.

Wake up Councillor, this is a public health, economic and human disaster.


Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Wardlaw
Odd Rode Ward, Cheshire East Council


  1. Pqul says:

    This is why we get nothing in Cheshire East Labour members skimming money out of projects for their own gains

  2. Simon Bishop says:

    Councillor Wardlaw might be better off looking at how her own party got us in this mess with their lack of planning and herd immunity in the first place as well as listen to her own parties Transport Minister tonight extolling the virtues of less cars on the roads.

  3. Paul Segynowycz says:

    I totally concur with Mrs Wardlaw. We have been relatively untouched so far by this terrible virus. However in order to stay safe we have all been doing our part. Of course the roads and car parks are empty because they were built for a capacity of full social interaction and industry.

  4. david goddard says:

    Responding positively to a few beneficial aspects of the current situation does not imply a lack of feeling for the adverse effects. If I comment positively on the current good weather does this suggest contempt for the victims of the virus?
    I look forward to seeing a photo of Mrs Wardlaw adorned in sackcloth and ashes, signalling her profound compassion.
    Making cheap political points out of the current disaster does not inspire respect

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