fence around barony park

A Cabinet councillor at Cheshire East says the new fence around Barony Park in Nantwich is part of a “green space masterplan” for the park.

And Cllr Mick Warren believes people will “quickly get used to it” as fencing rails of varying heights are set to be installed around the perimeter.

Campaign group Friends of Barony Park support a barrier to prevent unauthorised traveller encampments and others gaining access to the park when not allowed.

But the height of a section of rail at almost 1 metre had been queried when it was first installed last week on the Sandford Road side.

Cllr Mick Warren, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for communities, said: “The council has been working for many months with Friends of Barony Park, Everybody Sport and Recreation (Esar) and the council’s environmental services company Ansa, to bring about a significant upgrade to facilities at Barony Park, Nantwich, including much-improved leisure and sports amenities.

“The recent installation of some sections of fencing – varying in height from 45cm to 95cm – around the Barony is designed as part of a wider plan to enhance the Barony as a venue for recreation and to enhance the landscape and biodiversity of the area.

fund - councillor mick warren

Cllr Mick Warren

“The boundary treatments in the masterplan may also serve to deter unauthorised vehicles from directly accessing the playing fields, such as unauthorised traveller encampments.

“The fence varies in height because some sections will need to protect hedge plantings, which will follow.

“The Sandford Road section is 95cm high. The rail everywhere else is 45cm.”

He said the plans include much more planting around the edge and that the fence would provide protection and help planting grow.

“The plantings will need this additional protection from being trampled by careless footfall if they are to take and grow successfully,” added Cllr Warren.

“The fence is designed to have a minimal visual impact on the open nature of the playing field and we believe people will quickly get used to it.

“The council has been working on a green space masterplan, incorporating some suggestions put forward by Friends of Barony Park, for a range of enhancements to the park.

“This is to include large-scale tree planting, community planting areas, hedges, wildflower meadows an orchard and an outdoor ‘classroom’ for the study of biodiversity.

“We intend to consult on with the local community on this plan in due course.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has, unfortunately, delayed the master-planning and consultation but the fence was considered vital to progress in order to deliver wider improvements.”

A £2 million funding package was agreed with Everybody Leisure last year to be spent on the park and improving all its leisure facilities on the site.


  1. I fear the gap in the fencing, either side of the pathway, is too wide, and will allow entry by vehicles.

  2. Great stuff,good for twenty years ,cost effective,, how many 5ft gaps for acces are there ? One on each side hopefully

  3. Alistair Raisbeck says:

    Great to see it happening, but would be doubly so if we knew what the plans where? I thought we had transparent democracy?

  4. I agree – the play area really needs modernisation and careful planning for an age rage of children from toddlers through to teens. It’s such a big space that could be extended and thought out well with he use of natural materials to create a more modern space

  5. The children’s play area needs an upgrade too.

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