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Dear Editor,
I read our MP’s justification for voting down the extension of meal vouchers during the half term holiday with interest.

I think what it reveals is an appalling penny-pinching attitude to the people of this country.

The thinking that underpins this attitude is that not one penny more than strictly necessary should be spent on those in need, and only that which is absolutely unavoidable should be made available.

Charity would appear to be one of those virtues that our MP doesn’t embrace.

Compare that with the profligate way the government, with our MP’s support, is able to squander £7,000 per day per consultant to produce a Track and Trace system which doesn’t work properly.

For them the treasury coffers are bottomless.

This isn’t the only instance of the war this government is waging against the British people.

A little known measure that this government, supported by Dr Mullan, is pushing through parliament is a new Agriculture Bill.

Under this the requirement for the government to maintain food labelling regulations is to be removed.

Never mind the fact that this is being done so we can get a trade deal with US that will enable them to export to us food produced with lower hygiene standards.

My question is what makes Dr Mullan think that less information about the food we buy is a good thing?

I know that doctors are no longer required to sign the hippocratic oath (if they ever did) but in my view Dr Mullan isn’t just betraying his electors but also betraying the values of the medical profession.


Martin Bond


  1. See the nfu food standards petition online, you can sign it.

  2. Susan Withers says:

    I totally agree Martin. Dr. MULLEN loves appearing on NW tv most Sunday mornings, defending anything BJ or MH say. He’s a little prawn in their prawn cocktail…eat him up and spit him out . I wouldn’t feed him to my cats

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