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Crewe & Nantwich MP Kieran Mullan has defended under-fire Tory Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Dr Mullan called her “determined” and that “nobody is perfect”, but his apparent support of Ms Patel drew anger from constituents on social media.

An investigation was launched into Ms Patel’s ministerial conduct earlier this year amid allegations of bullying, which she has denied.

But it emerged today a draft report from the Cabinet Office inquiry into her conduct had concluded that the “home secretary had not met the requirements of the ministerial code to treat civil servants with consideration and respect”.

Dr Mullan, who won back the Crewe & Nantwich seat for Conservatives last December, said on social media tonight: “Having worked closely with @pritipatel, I never saw any bullying behaviour, just someone determined.

“Nobody is perfect and I’m sure she would be gracious about doing things differently.

“But being told “computer says no” by officials sometimes takes grit to get through.”

Priti Patel visits Nantwich

Priti Patel in Nantwich with Dr Mullan and Barony Park campaigners

That drew criticism from those accusing Dr Mullan and others who defended her as being “career minded”.

One replied: “Disappointing and embarrassing….. Again!

“Bullying is breaking ministerial code, so either negligent in reading it or read it and not cared. Again a case of rules don’t apply to us that you promote.”

And another replied: “Poor Dr Kieran, don’t you see your constituents are getting fed up with you towing the line, say what we are thinking, she should resign. Cummings has now gone and you lost face by supporting him over the last lockdown.”

And a third added: “Right. That clears that up then. We can ignore the ‘ministerial code’ so long as we have good intentions of being determined?”

The BBC reports that a spokesman for the Home Secretary said she had always denied the allegations and that there had never been any formal complaints made against her.


  1. Jamie says:

    So embarrassed to have voted for him. He is so clearly just in it to build the best career for himself. Next election Brexit will be done and my vote will go elsewhere.

  2. Paul Malam says:

    “The BBC reports that a spokesman for the Home Secretary said she had always denied the allegations and that there had never been any formal complaints made against her.”

    What about the £25,000 payout made to one complainant in 2015? The one who tried to kill herself?

  3. David Plant says:

    She’s 5 ft 3inch tall, man up.

  4. Ted Dyer says:

    Funny how there are different rules for men and women. I have known many a male bully, and fewer female ones, however given that is it maybe an assertive woman is not seen as assertive, but the default button is a “bully” maybe it is time to have personal body cam, so if you are accused of something that is open to interpretation you can have evidence to point either way.

    • Susan says:

      I so agree that is the way forward. Have already got mine. There is a tendency for ppl believing the person they ‘ like ‘ these Days, rather than the person that they morally should support. Take my word for it. Ppl can make false accusations to Police who record them but dont inform you of them , that suddenly become a ‘ record.

  5. Keiran
    Be very careful who’s mast you nail your colours too.
    If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of bullying you would understand A Bully is a Bully no ifs no and and no buts sad that you support this

  6. Peter Howard says:

    Our waste of space MP, is at it again acting like a Sheep 🐑. Usual PR Photo on Barony Park.
    How about he Organises a Permanent Site for the Traveller’s?

  7. Susan says:

    The trouble today is that the Media report
    ‘ with a view ‘ and people become judgmental. The Report is , at this stage, UNKNOWN. Dr Kieran , will, above us , know Priti Patel, whereas the public does not! What I see ( that is familiar ) is a man of ‘ high standing ‘ not liking an assertive Woman. An intelligent Woman and one who does not ‘ cow tow’. The Report may have faults too. . Very little point in attacking our local MP for having a view . He is not supporting bullying by doing that.

    • Paul Malam says:

      The head of the inquiry made the judgement that she DID breach the code on bullying. When the PM supported her he was so appalled he resigned…

      That’s not just a ‘media report’..

      • Susan says:

        The Head of enquiry was rightly challenged. He is not above that. His position became then untenable. Does not mean he resigned for any other reason.

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