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Covid-19 vaccine supplies in Cheshire East will be “throttled back” to allow other parts of the country “to catch up”, writes Ethan Davies.

That’s according to Cheshire East Council leader Sam Corcoran, who made his comments during his leaders’ address at a full council meeting and on Twitter today (February 19).

It comes as latest figures show that 98% of all over 70s in Cheshire have now received their first dose of the vaccine.

At the meeting, Cllr Corcoran said: “The vaccination programme, organised by NHS Cheshire CCG and local GPs, is going exceptionally well and over 90% of those in the top four priority groups have been vaccinated.

“Many primary care networks have moved on to vaccinating those over 60.

“However, because the local vaccination programme has been done so well, it is understandable that the decision has been taken centrally to throttle back the supply of vaccines to Cheshire East.

“I am assured that the vaccine supply will improve by March.”

On Friday, he added the decision was made “to allow other areas to catch up” with Cheshire’s progress.

The latest data, released on Thursday (February 18) by NHS England on the programme’s progress, show that in Cheshire, 117,387 residents aged 70-plus have had their first dose of a vaccine, out of a over-70 population of 119,773.

That represents a 98% success rate.

The government has said that supply was “being distributed fairly”.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “Vaccines are being distributed fairly across the UK to ensure the most vulnerable are immunised first and all GPs will continue to receive deliveries as planned.

“Parts of the country have made very significant progress and have vaccinated faster than average.

“We’re putting more supply into areas that have more to do, with the NHS doing brilliantly to deliver the amount of supply we have.”


  1. I can’t wait for the next elections – CEC decide to slow down vaccinations so I (and I hope many others) will decide to NOT vote for our respective sitting members.
    I wonder how many CEC members have had their vaccination.

  2. Chris norman says:

    What gives Cheshire east council the right to cut back on giving coronavirus vaccine. It appears to me that they are playing god with peoples lives. My Wife has not had a vaccine yet, I have had my first but I am still shielding, as such we are both still at risk. Would it not be better for everyone to be vaccinated as soon as possible regardless of the area you live, then areas that are behind will get even more vaccine. As one reader has written in congleton and I have no doubt other areas of the county are seeing a shortage but I have no doubt that the likes of Macclesfield, wilmslow etc will not be wanting.
    I do believe it’s a postcode lottery I also believe it’s political just like all the other services that councils should provide.

  3. Tracey Norman says:

    What a disgraceful decision. As a 57 year old with an underlying health issue, I thought I’d be getting my vaccine in the next few weeks.
    Penalising me due to the superb work done by all the vaccine givers?

  4. Christopher clark says:

    This is really poor there are people requiring protection from the vaccine. How should the authority allow people who could be protected be exposed due to its celebration of its own efficiency. I have friends in other areas of Cheshire younger that myself with no underlying conditions getting appointments. Congleton seems to have a famine of vaccine but not macclesfield. It’s becoming a postcode lottery.

  5. Robert Slinn says:

    What about those over 70 that have just had their 2st dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, will they still be able to have the 2nd dose in May?

  6. Lesley Hallett says:

    Clearly Cheshire west not waiting – my two friends, both mid 50s, have already had their first vaccination. My husband and I, mid 60s but Cheshire East are still waiting…..

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