disability - Council Tax hike - chief executive appointed

Dear Editor,

The Labour-Independent administration following their leader’s example Sam Corcoran have relinquished power to the Chief Executive and her officers for the next month.

During this time officers can spend residents’ and taxpayers’ money without oversight by elected members.

It seems they can also make decisions unfettered by the democratic process, in secret and without public scrutiny.

After two years of trying to implement their new committee system they currently have no rule book (constitution) to advise or inform CE decision-making and a budget which is already at breaking point such that the Highways Department is at present pleading with Town and Parish Councils to contribute to Cheshire East’s Highways Budget!

What decisions that will affect our lives and wellbeing are Labour-Independent going to slip through while the officers are in charge?

Universal car parking charges?

More unwanted and un-costed cycling schemes like those recently in Alsager and Congleton?

Or will they implement the universally unpopular cuts to winter gritting in rural areas on the bus routes that our children use to get to school and which Laura Crane thinks are so controversial that she has placed an embargo on their publication?

How long before the Labour-Independent Black Hole swallows’ democracy in Cheshire East?

Maybe they are right to hide from the electorates anger!


Cllr Patrick Redstone
Odd Rode Ward

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  1. Martin Bond says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how members of the Conservative Party can decry local expenditure to improve our lives whilst their leader thinks nothing of chucking money at his cronies. Have we already forgotten the events of last summer when the government spent a small fortune on a track and trace system from Serco that didn’t work, even though they had been offered a free system that did?

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