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Nantwich Town councillors have rejected a new Cheshire East Council draft policy on how it will transfer its assets in future.

In the past, the town council has taken over CEC assets such as the Civic Hall, indoor market and public toilets.

Now it is putting together a new policy to guide any potential transfers in future.

But Nantwich councillors objected to the plan which they say suggested the authority receiving the asset would have to bear the brunt of all legal costs.

Cllr David Marren told last night’s town council meeting: “Their policy says the cost of any transfer should not fall on Cheshire East.

“That is coded language, which means CEC’s legal costs would fall on the parish or town council. How should we interpret that?

“We ought to object to the proposed policy because of this.

“They also set out that anyone wishing to receive an asset must produce a detailed business plan.

“The Civic Hall was transferred over to us without the requirement of a business plan, same for the market and the public toilets.

“Now in this policy they say to make an application you have to produce a business plan, at cost. This will simply put many off who don’t want to incur the costs.”

Cllr John Statham added: “I find in the whole document there is very little for town or parish councils.

“It’s almost a threat that they will pull funding or close down assets in the town unless we were forced to take on transfers on their terms.

“I can’t see how we could accept any assets other than car parks – and they won’t give those up as they make money!”

Councillors voted unanimously to object to the proposed Cheshire East Council policy.


  1. Graham Fenton says:

    I agee with Councillor David Marren in the majority of his comment. It is a shame he added Note to Editor.

    Free Speech and the ability for people to offer their own views it is to be valued and not stifled.

    You were allowed to make your comment – but were your words ‘The comments left could be interpreted as defamatory; it is certainly offensive’. really neccessay?

    In May 2023 the electorate of Nantwich do have their say – residents can ask questions of their Councillor directly or attend meetings of the Town Council and ask questions before then.

    The Town Council website has all the supporting public documents to the meetings so residents can see them.

    Opinions are often held by people on subjects where they have not acessed the information to allow them to be more enlightened.

    We should still allow them to make those comments.

  2. David Marren says:

    Councillors at Nantwich Town Council accept the need for a business plan for our own consideration before making any decision about the transfer of assets and that was agreed at the Council meeting. That said, there are no transfers being considered by the Town Council. The discussion emanated from a Cheshire East proposal that they are consulting on.
    The objection from the Town Council was that the business plan has to be approved by Cheshire East Council before they would release an asset. This is an objection in principle; Nantwich Town Council nor any other Town or Parish Council report to or should report to or are accountable to officers of Cheshire East Council. The requirement to produce a business plan to be approved by a Cheshire East Officer isn’t acceptable and is simply interference.
    Nantwich Town Councillors are accountable to the electorate of Nantwich who will have opportunity to have their say in May 2023.

    Note to the editor: It is a shame that you allow comments to be left by individuals who hide their identity. The comment left could be interpreted as defamatory; it is certainly offensive.

  3. The Observer says:

    Cheshire East seem right on this occasion to ask for a business plan given the record of the public toilets and the loss making Civic Hall. I would like them all open but would wish for them to be run by a competent Town Council not the one whose answer always seems to be throw money at it supplied by Parish Council tax increases.

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