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The decision to move to another country is a big one, but you can’t go far wrong by moving to Singapore.

This tropical Asian nirvana has become quite the destination for foreign ex-pats due to its job opportunities, quality of life, and picturesque scenery.

However, there are always things that you won’t understand about a country until you actually start living there.

While Singapore is a great country, here are a few things you should know about the place before you become a local.

The Weather
Most Brits can strike up a conversation about the weather with just about anyone.

That is because they can sometimes experience all four seasons in one day. Fortunately, Singapore is much more consistent with its climate; however, you will need to come prepared.

Singapore sits above the equator, which should tell you all you need to know about the climate.

However, the country is famous for its humidity, rather than scorching sun rays. This means that you are likely to experience temperatures above thirty degrees centigrade for most of the year.

At least it is cooler in the winter, right? Well, yes, but you are likely to encounter torrential rainfall during these months rather than the bitter cold of most countries.

Therefore, you will need to think about air conditioning and remember to pack your wellies.

One of the hardest aspects of moving to another country comes from having to learn an entirely new language.

In Singapore, this is not an issue. The locals refer to one of their main languages as ‘Singlish’.

This term refers to the fact that almost everyone in the country speaks English to some degree.

Therefore, you should have no trouble communicating at work, in school, or out and about in the market.

Houses Are More Affordable Than You Think
One of the biggest misconceptions about Singapore is that it costs too much for the average person to move out there and make a living.

While this is true to some degree, you can find affordable housing if you look in the right places.

For example, a standard mortgage on a house may require you to save up more than $40,000 for a deposit in Singapore, but you can always go cheaper by purchasing a flat with an HLE application.

This changes the eligibility conditions on your application, and it is a solution worth researching on PropertyGuru Group.

Cars Aren’t Necessary
Another benefit for ex-pats that are worrying about their finances is that they are unlikely to need a personal vehicle in Singapore.

A majority of the local population do not drive themselves because the transport links in the country are so good.

You can get around by linking up a bus, tram, and train routes to your destination and it will cost you less than running a standard car.

Clean Living
Singapore is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, but it did not get this way through sheer luck.

While you have the picturesque scenery dotted about rural areas across the islands, you will be far more impressed by how stunning the urban sprawls have become.

This has only been made possible by the importance that the locals have placed on keeping areas clean.

You will find that the streets, public buildings, and residential homes are kept spotless because those who live in Singapore value clean spaces above all else.

In fact, you will receive a hefty fine if you are caught littering or vandalising in public.

Job Security
Since there are so many benefits to moving to Singapore, you may be confused as to why more people do not move there.

However, Singapore isn’t open to just anyone. Ex-pats must prove that they have already procured a job in the country before they move.

You also need to procure a work visa and have proof that you can financially support yourself before moving to these shores, and the Singapore government won’t accept anything less.

Food is an essential part of a nation’s culture, which is why you will be pleased to know that Singapore offers a variety of local delicacies.

Their main cities are chock full of Michelin star restaurants offering customers a taste of the island.

You can choose to have a local dish like frog soup or chilli crab, but there are plenty of international options available.

Singapore is known to cater to all manner of pallets, so you are always likely to enjoy your meals when you dine out in this part of the world.

It is likely that this article has made the notion of moving to Singapore even more tempting.

However, makes sure you remember these key aspects when you land and you should be able to blend in with the locals in no time.

(image under creative commons licence by Unwicked)

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