Cllr David Marren and parkign enforcement officers in Nantwich

Nantwich Town Council’s pilot scheme for tackling on-street parking problems is having an impact, councillors claim.

They say the scheme, now in its fifth week, is resulting in fewer contraventions as people become more aware of where parking is illegal.

Cheshire East Enforcement officers, working with the town council, are targeting various areas of the town where residents have complained about illegal parking.

Nantwich Town Cllr David Marren, who initiated the scheme, said: “This new approach is identifying locations where there have been persistent breaches of the parking regulations, particularly in the evenings when it is assumed officers are not on duty.

“The regulations have been introduced for good reason to control parking over 24 hours and not just during the day time.

“I would encourage residents to notify the Council of any breaches so that they can be investigated.”

Enforcement officers from Cheshire East have been issuing tickets for a range of offences, such as this one (pictured) where a vehicle is obstructing a dropped footway.

Residents can notify the council of  problems by ringing 01270 619224 or emailing [email protected]

The council can only deal with enforcing double and single yellow lines, disabled parking close to junctions and parking in front of dropped footways and in front of private driveways if a prior complaint has been made and investigated by Cheshire East.


  1. Ryan Cordery says:

    It is my understanding that there is no contravention regarding parking too close to a junction, unless it is during the hours of darkness?
    I believe it would be the duty of the police to issue notices for “unnecessary obstruction”. If that is the case then surely it would be the responsibility of the police to issue tickets.
    Phone Cheshire East and ask how many of the tickets issued in this way have been immediately cancelled? The answer? all of them. These tickets are not enforceable and if they went to tribunal the council would lose and have to trace every previous ticket issued, for the same “contravention” and refund everyone.

    Mr Marren says in the article above “They are trying to be fair and it proves the wardens don’t ticket at every opportunity.” Yet you are asking them to issue Penalty Charge Notices for non existent contraventions how is that fair?

    Electioneering Mr Marren?

  2. David Marren says:

    Unfortunately parking enforcement is split between Cheshire East and the Police. Cheshire East enforce carparks and yellow lines and dropped kerbs there to provide access to mobility scooters and vehicles accessing driveways. CEC will ticket cars parked on yellow lines or on footpaths behind yellow lines but they have no power to ticket vehicles where there are no yellow lines (apart from blocking access on dropped kerbs). Because there is so much to enforce I think informally they don’t give offenders blocking a dropped kerb a ticket if there have been no complaints. They are trying to be fair and it proves the wardens don’t ticket at every opportunity. As for patrolling Welsh Row, they do. In any event I’ve notified them of the comments made. So as I said, obstructions on the pavement are unfortunately enforced by the Police.

  3. G R Bolton says:

    I agree with D Wall, the question should be asked as to why they choose to ignore parking on pavements. I cannot understand why people choose to park on the pavement even when they have a drive etc big enough to park on??

  4. Steve Davies says:

    i don’t understand the last part about having to have made a prior complaint can someone please explain?

  5. Let’s see them on Welsh Row as delivery vehicles always parking on double yellows causing traffic flow problems through the traffic lights at the junction nr Harrison’s. Also people constantly parking on double yellows on Swine Market/Beam St.again this causes traffic flow issues and is dangerous when people park nr the crossing outside Home Bargain…let’s see Traffic Wardens in these areas!

  6. David Wall says:

    Pity they cant deal with the people who park on the pavements! It would make walking around some of the roads a lot safer, and stop the pavements being ruined.

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