flooded - pinsley green road flooding problem, March 2017

Residents in Wrenbury are demanding action on a road that has been flooded for months, causing problems for emergency services and other users.

Flood waters have plagued the junction of Pinsley Green Road and Station Road since the turn of the year.

Now angry resident Oly Lowe has called on Cheshire East Council to resolve the issue, after a paramedic on an emergency call out revealed how it had slowed them down.

Apart from one week, he says flood waters have covered the entire carriageway all winter.

Mr Lowe, who has lived in the Wrenbury area for more than 30 years, has slammed the highways department and called the situation “impossible and wholly unacceptable”.

“This flood was present across the carriageway for between three and four months last year,” he said.

“There is also now a huge pothole forming within the flood waters, so I suspect the road will have to be closed in coming weeks as it worsens.

“This will no doubt massively impact Smeaton Wood Farm as their HGVs can’t turn into Pinsley Green Road at the other end (New Road) due to the acute junction.

“The paramedics who had to come through the flood last week also commented on the hazard it poses to their emergency response.

“If it is a failing asset then Cheshire East should repair it.

“If it is as a result of third party action or inaction then prosecute the responsible party and repair the road. Doing nothing is not an option!”

3 Feb 2016 - flooding pinsley green road
February 2016 – Pinsley Green Road

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council said: “This is a very rural location and the cause of the excessive surface water is particularly difficult to resolve in that it is run-off from adjoining fields and is especially severe in very wet weather.

“This is a problem that often occurs in rural areas.

“We will explore the possibility of dealing with this issue, alongside other priority works on the highway network.”

However, Mr Lowe believes the council should install gullies if the cause if run-off water from fields.

“Cheshire East has a duty to act as the lead authority on flooding and highways – whether that be ensuring third parties address any underlying issues on the surrounding land, or address the issue directly themselves.

“This isolated incident only scratches at the underlying wider issue of rural road conditions and funding.

“There is simply no point spending taxpayers money on addressing the symptoms – potholes – if one fails to address the cause – drainage, and possibly more importantly, funding.”

The situation was made worse this week after a diversion route on New Road taken by some drivers to avoid the flooding, was also closed for BT engineering works.

diversion to avoid flooding also closed in Wrenbury

Mr Lowe added: “Due to apparent lack of resources, where gullies are present, unless in exceptional circumstances, they now only clear gully blockages once a year.

“So last year the only time Cheshire East responded to flooding from blocked gullies was when a group of houses were islanded solely as a result of the council’s failing drainage infrastructure!

“I would suspect this is breaching the council’s responsibilities as a LLFA under the Floods & Water Management Act 2010, and is a slap in the face for residents following the CE Highways hashtag #workingforyou.

“Without adequate drainage, residents will continue to be subject to, and pay for, a very expensive, questionably legal/dangerous, degrading, road network.”


  1. Presumably this is being caused by blocked field drains or something similar. Is there not some responsibility on the farmer to stop the water flooding the road?

  2. Roland Griffiths says:

    its been like this for at least 4 years Olly. When I used to run round there it was often knee deep

  3. The council’s response of “This is a problem that often occurs in rural areas” is infuriating.

    A) Why are rural areas treated as second class tax payers subject to lower standards of living and

    B) Really?! Can anyone else please point me in the direction of a flood that is permitted to cover the entire carriageway for four months of the year?

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