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Crewe & Nantwich MP Laura Smith has quit as Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office to vote against remaining in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Laura Smith, MP for Crewe and Nantwich, announced her decision to resign in order to vote against remaining in the EEA after the UK leaves the European Union.

Ms Smith said: “After much reflection, I have resigned as Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office to vote against remaining in the EEA.

“I will always put my constituents in Crewe & Nantwich first.

“I will always honour the commitments I make to my constituents, even if places me in a challenging situation.

“One of the promises I made during last year’s campaign was to respect the referendum result. This is a promise I have honoured since taking office.

“I do not believe that remaining in the European Economic Area is compatible with that promise

“I am tired of being told that I am ‘blocking Brexit’ by criticising the government’s approach to negotiations.

“I respect the referendum and have demonstrated that today by voting against remaining in the EEA.

“It isn’t acceptable to label the majority of my constituents as racist or to suggest they didn’t know what they were voting for.It is not the place of politicians to tell the people they were wrong.”

The EEA includes all members of the European Union along with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

It ensures free movement of people, goods, services and finance between the countries involved.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had ordered his MPs to abstain in a vote on a controversial House of Lords amendment to ensure the government negotiated British membership of the EEA.

This could lead to a similar relationship with the EU to the one Norway currently has.

“The ‘Norway Model’ does not reflect the needs of our much larger economy and we simply cannot settle for that,” Ms Smith has added.

“To those who are disappointed with the outcome of the referendum, I ask you to consider that I have made this decision as somebody with close family living and working in Europe.

“I also write this as somebody who voted to Remain in the referendum.

“Prior to last year, I had never worked in politics.

“I feel both proud and privileged to represent the place I call home. I will never put my career or my party allegiances before the interests of my constituents.”

In the 2016 referendum, Crewe & Nantwich returned 66,999 ballots in favour of leaving the European Union, against 53,050 in favour of staying.


  1. Chris Nocetti says:

    I didn’t vote for her but she has my respect. She is sticking to a PROMISE she made during the election. By your reckoning you can disregard ANY promise made if you think things have changed. If more politicians stuck to their promises/manifesto pledges we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now

  2. Dave Brehaut says:

    Well done Laura! Standing up for your voter’s.

  3. Owen Pritchard says:

    Well Donne Laura. I did not vote for you but you have earned my respect in that I believe you have set a great example for MP’s of every party all over the country in that you have identified clearly the role of an MP is not to tell people they were wrong. You have also shown your understanding that ‘Leave’ meant leave in its entirety, unlike other MP’s (again all parties) who wish to try and manipulate the Leave Vote into a partial Leave vote to serve their own agenda’s.

  4. Well done Laura for respecting the majority of your constituents on this despite your own views and those of your party.

  5. Laura is also concerned with Female Genital Mutilation. She has tabled questions regarding this barbaric practice in the House of Commons, she asked how many prosecutions have taken place in the last 30 years – her answer – ONE! It is a barbaric practice carried out by newcomers to these islands, they also carry out the barbaric practice of gang raping young children. There is a man named Tommy Robinson who brought both of these matters to light years before the Sunday Times exposee. Under what looks like the orders of our Muslim Home Secretary he has been placed into a prison with a 72% Muslim population. It is a death sentence – his crime? – reporting upon Pakistani rape gangs from outside the courts. People living in Laura’s constituency have no idea what it is like to live in close proximity to the newcomers. I do, I am part of the white flight. I have written and asked Laura will she ask a question regarding Tommy Robinson’s treatment, I asked my question before he was placed into mortal jeopardy. By the time I receive a reply he will be dead.

    • Don’t talk nonsense. Tommy Robinson was jailed for contempt of court having been warned numerous times about his actions and whilst he had a suspended jail sentence for a previous offence. There is no conspiracy there, just a stupid individual who repeatedly broke the law.

      • You have to admit its a bit dodgy. Hes been placed in a prison almost full of muslims. It could turn out a bit ugly for him. And who else reports on this issue. Well done Tommy

      • I was a bit surprised to see Tommy Robinson’s name in a comment concerning female genitalia … and then I wasn’t

  6. Pete Holding says:

    Disappointed with this. There was nothing about leaving the EEA or customs union on the referendum ballot! Not democracy and Laura Smith will not get my vote again

    • Mike Docker says:

      It appears that Laura is taking this stance simply based on the fact that the majority of her constituency voted to ‘Leave’ 2 years ago. Despite admitting to being a ‘Remainer’ , she is not considering any of the subsequent points that have emerged in the Brexit debate , only that Crewe and Nantwich votes ‘leave’ back in 2016. Disappointing and far too simplistic.

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