Fireworks display - chinese new year Highfields

Highfields Academy in Nantwich hosted their second annual Chinese New Year Fireworks event at their school on Cumberland Avenue, writes Jonathan White.

A line of firecrackers was lit prior to the fireworks to “ward off evil spirits”.

Year 1 pupil, George, aged 6, won the opportunity to start the fireworks.

George and friend Bruce enthusiastically led the crowd in a five-second countdown to pressing the start button for a dazzling nine-minute display.

The weather was crisp and clear with the fireworks and music system supplied and choreographed by Blitz Fireworks of Crewe.

In the school hall there were numerous games including Chopstick pinch, Piggy in the hole, Decorate a ginger pig, plus a Crafts corner, tombola and prize raffle, along with refreshments.

There was also an impressive ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi!’ (Happy New Year!) wall display featuring several Chinese dragon drawings.

During the evening pupils showed off their lit Chinese lanterns.

Proceeds from the event will go to Highfields Academy.

The Chinese calendar attaches different animals from the zodiac to each lunar year in a cycle of 12 years. 2019 will be the Year of the Pig.

(Pictures courtesy of Jonathan White)

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  1. Living just up the Road it was a wonderful sight to see and hear. Fantastic Really and at a good time. Would have loved to have heard about it in advance though so we could have come down and supported it. Maybe some flyers through the letter boxes or a few big posters next year. We certainly have come.

  2. Yet another pointless waste of money and natural resources. And, as someone here has already pointed out, not even on the right date… I can only hope the lit Chinese lanterns were not released into the air – there’s been so much bad publicity about the environmental impacts of doing this and it cannot be defended.

  3. Sam Brookes says:

    Oh how super for the little cherished darlings, shame you didn’t give a rats A*** about my cats that evening, they were going demented.

  4. Outrageous Nov 5th New Years Eve ok, but at a time when it isn’t actually Chinese New Year yet⁉️

    Some people have animals you selfish idiots, my dogs would have been unfortunately alone had I not swapped shifts, so was in


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