Matthew Theobald, Liberal Democrat candidate

Two more political parties have named their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates who will compete for the Crewe & Nantwich seat in a forthcoming General Election.

The Liberal Democrats have named Nantwich resident Mathew Theobald as their PPC, while The Green Party announce Te Ata Browne as their candidate.

Mr Theobald of Stapeley, runs a company that helps develop pharmaceutical and medical products throughout the UK, EU and US.

He gained unanimous support to contest any election which may be called in the coming weeks or months.

He said: “You only have to look at what’s been going on locally and nationally over recent months to see that two party politics is broken.

“No one voted for all this and many people feel they’re not being listened to by our elected representatives.

“It’s well past time that they were heard, to give voice to what’s best for our community.

“I will be that voice; demanding better for the people of Crewe and Nantwich, for our environment, for our children.”

Matthew Theobald with Jo Swinson (1)

Matthew Theobald with Jo Swinson, Lib Dem party leader

Mr Theobald is a Parish Councillor for Stapeley and Batherton, and volunteers as a local High School governor.

He has worked with residents for more than seven years to prevent housing developments that build housing that is not affordable.

He led a team of local people and residents’ groups to put in place a Neighbourhood Plan for Stapeley.

Te Ata lives in Oakhanger, near Haslington, and is a councillor and vice chairperson on Crewe Green Parish Council.

She holds the position of second officer for Cheshire East Green Party and is an active environmental campaigner.

Te Ata is passionate about wildlife and sustainability, with a background of woodland planting and management, and is an avid beekeeper.

Originally from New Zealand, she moved over to the UK in 2001 and has strong family values, descending from a long line of feminist women.

Te Ata Browne - Green Party candidate for Crewe and Nantwich

Te Ata Browne – Green Party candidate for Crewe and Nantwich

Her mother worked with Women’s Refuge, Grandmother was a peace activist involved with CND, Greenpeace, Red Cross and Freedom for Timor.

Te Ata’s ambitions are to redirect economic policy away from an obsession with growth and towards public wellbeing, to make great efforts to get climate change at the top of the political agenda, with a personal focus on biodiversity and agriculture.

Dr Kieran Mullan is the Conservative Party candidate, and Laura Smith has been selected to by Crewe & Nantwich Labour to fight to retain the seat for her party.


  1. The Brexit Party chose their candidate some months ago.
    Has he not done a press release yet?

  2. What the Lib Dems are saying is that, standing on a clear Remain ticket, should they win a general election and form a government, then that would reflect the country’s current opinion and a clear mandate to cancel Brexit.
    In the 3 years since the referendum public opinion will have been updated. Democracy does not stand still.

  3. Lynne Barnes says:

    Parliament represents 66 million people. Only 17.4 million voted to leave. Those numbers can not be ignored.

  4. We Don’t Vote for The House of Lords..And we don’t Vote For are Head of State..(We Don’t Even have a Constitution)..But..We Do Vote for are MEPs…

  5. I like how Matthew Theobald claims that “many people feel they’re not being listened to by our elected representatives”, yet he’s set to stand as a candidate for a party who’s leader has clearly stated she’ll ignore the democratic vote that took place over 3 years ago and go ahead and cancel Brexit. Yes Matthew, people do feel ignored.

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