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If you usually toss and turn throughout the night or wake up feeling sore and tired, it might be time to consider getting a new and better mattress.

Having a good night’s sleep is vital for good health – even more so in current times.

Some of the most comfortable mattresses are designed to help improve the quality of sleep, thus helping to maintain or improve your well-being.

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Here are FIVE examples of how your mattress could be ruining your sleep – and damaging your health.

It’s Too Old and Sagging
A mattress that is too old, and sagging, may affect your sleeping posture.
Poor sleeping posture, in turn, may result in neck pains and backaches.
It is also likely that you will wake up feeling sore and tired, which will affect your level of activity and productivity throughout the day.
As soon as you notice your mattress starting to sag, is worn out or is too soft, you should start shopping for a new one.

It Keeps You Too Hot at Night
Having a quality sleep is usually not easy when the temperatures are uncomfortably high.
Your mattress may be among the contributing factors to you feeling too hot at night.
The material used for the mattress should help to maintain the right temperature levels throughout the night to ensure you sleep comfortably.
When it is too cold, the mattress should also use the heat produced by your body to keep you warm.

It Is Not Hypoallergenic
Scratching yourself, getting painful rashes, or any other allergic reaction in bed can ruin your sleep.
A good solution for that is getting a new hypoallergenic mattress.
Such will prevent dust mites from penetrating the mattress surface and settling in the mattress.
The hypoallergenic mattresses also have antibacterial properties and are a lot safer in general.

It Makes You Toss and Turn
If you are having difficulty getting sleep and you keep tossing and turning, it might be because of your mattress.
It will affect your sleep cycle, which also ends up affecting your productivity.
Even worse, it can even spike the levels of cortisol in your brain, affecting all the body functions that are controlled by the hormone.
It also leads to higher stress levels.

It’s Uncomfortable
Your mattress may get uncomfortable for a variety of reasons.
For example, if the mattress takes the shape of your body, it can make it easier for your airways to block, resulting in snoring and discomfort.
The texture and feel of the mattress may also make it feel uncomfortable.
Those are also some of the factors, which you should consider when choosing a new mattress to ensure you always get good sleep.
Other top considerations to make, other than quality, should include brand, price, size, and health condition.

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