Muller - Kieran Mullan (Conservatives) acceptance speech (1)

Crewe & Nantwich MP Dr Kieran Mullan has criticised the decision by the Secretary of State to allow the Muller Development to go ahead in Stapeley.

Nantwich South and Stapeley Conservative Councillors Andrew Martin and Peter Groves have long been against the development as was previous Conservative MP Edward Timpson.

Muller had its plans for phase one of its “Nantwich South” scheme – 189 houses and an access road – refused by Cheshire East Council several years ago.

But the developers appealed against an initial inquiry which found in favour of Cheshire East.

And we revealed last week that the current Secretary of State has now agreed with the second inquiry inspector that the development should be allowed after a second inquiry was held in February 2018.

Mr Mullan said: “I have now had the chance to read the judgement in full and I think the Secretary of State has made the wrong call here.

“I know the challenge the government has in building homes so our young people can get on the housing ladder.

“I also know many local people understand that, but what they also know is our local infrastructure and public services are not set up for yet more houses.

“The government has plans to increase GP numbers and police numbers but until people see services improving on the ground likely they are rightly going to be unhappy at more homes creating yet more pressure.

“I have written to Cheshire East to ask them to appeal this decision and I will do what I can to support residents and Cheshire East in getting this decision overturned.”

Local Plan - new inquiry - Muller Property plan for green land (centre), brine leas bottom right, stapeley gardens housing, left - pic by Jonathan White
Muller Property plan for green land (centre) – pic by Jonathan White

Cheshire East has six weeks since last week’s decision notice to appeal which could mean a costly High Court hearing.

We contacted Muller Property, run by Colin Muller, last week for a comment and are still awaiting a reply.

The new development would be accessed off the traffic lights at the Peter de Stapleigh Way and Pear Tree Fields junction next to Pear Tree Primary School.

If it goes ahead, it could lead to wider plans for a large-scale 1,000-home development called “Nantwich South” which was first unveiled by Muller back in 2012.


  1. Very sad for the beautiful South Cheshire countryside yet again. It’s so sad to see our lovely countryside being once again destroyed by greedy developers who only see the pound signs and not the devastation they are causing to the eco system, especially the wildlife. The people of South Nantwich and Stapeley will suffer yet again when this monstrous development of more than 1,000 homes brings an increase in people, traffic, litter, crime, and nuisance neighbours not to mention the irresponsible landlords who don’t care about the tenants they put in their homes, and start to ruin lovely areas. Muller Homes are only interested in their bank balances and not the residents who have invested to live in the area and keep it clean and tidy. We the residents of South Nantwich and Stapeley say no to the secretary of state and Muller Homes to this out-of-scale development, and we expect our Councillors to act in the interest of their constituents. Has the Secretary of State been given a back-hander like in the old days? They need to listen to the people who vote them in. I for one will not vote for the Conservative party I have always voted for. This decision will end my vote for the Tory party in Nantwich!!

  2. Mr Mullan knows the horse has bolted and is happy to whisper it was wrong to grant permission he is nothing more than a nodding donkey at least Edward Timpson tried to get it stopped from the outset.

  3. Peter Crawford says:

    My wife, Jill, and I are dismayed to read the news that the Secretary of State has reversed the original ruling and has now decided for the Stapeley development to go ahead. Dr Keiran Mullan MP says this is the wrong decision and he is correct. We urge our MP to make his feelings known to the Secretary requesting him to revoke this decision and we expect our Cheshire East Council to appeal as the 189 houses could become 1000 if Muller’s get their way. This development MUST be stopped !!!

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