Trump ban - Willaston and Rope Cllr Brian Silvester

Dear Editor,

The full Cheshire East Council last met on the 20th of February. It has not met since.

And it is not going to meet until the 21st of October – a huge gap of EIGHT MONTHS or two thirds of the year.

Most other Councils, including my own, are carrying on with their duties during the lockdown by meeting remotely online, but still involving the public on-line.

But not the Labour-run Cheshire East Council.

Just at the moment the Borough is facing its worst health, economic, unemployment and business crisis since the Second World War, because of the COVID 19 Pandemic and lockdown, the Borough Council should be meeting more often to help to address the huge problems that face the Borough and its citizens.

Instead it is not meeting at all.

Crewe is in the midst of the biggest crisis since the 1939-45 World War, and its Borough Council have not met for months.

The Borough Council won’t meet until October 21st….a gap of EIGHT MONTHS.

This is an outrage.

Some Committees and the Cabinet are meeting online but only a few Councillors sit on the Cabinet/Committees.

In this time of crisis ALL Councillors should be able to have their say, their electors should be able to view the Council Meeting online and ask questions online.

They are being denied this.

The Borough Councillors are getting over £1000 a month plus expenses………but most of them are doing nothing for it because they are not meeting. This is a scandal.

Apparently the Borough Council says that with 82 Councillors it is just too difficult to meet online.

Well, House of Commons has 650 MPs and the House of Lords has 782 Peers, so if they can meet online, so can Cheshire East.

The Borough Council is absent without leave during the biggest upheaval in Crewe and Nantwich for 75 years.

Instead of pulling out all the stops to tackle the historic crisis that faces us all, the Council is not meeting at all.

Yet again the Labour-led Borough Council have let down the people of Crewe, who they purport to represent.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester
Putting Crewe First


  1. Chris Moorhouse says:

    Brian. I would have thought you would have known the Borough Council stopped in April 2009 when CEC started. However, I think you have a point.

  2. William Poole says:

    Could to see a completely impartial non political comment for once.

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