A controversial traffic island in Nantwich is going to be removed after causing a spate of accidents.

Cheshire East highways teams are to remove this island (pictured) at the junction of Welsh Row and Queens Drive in October.

Town councillors have been calling for action after the island, which sticks out into Welsh Row, was blamed for a number of accidents.

It was supposed to deter traffic using Welsh Row and encourage drivers to use Waterlode bypass when it was opened several years ago.

But Cllr Arthur Moran labelled it “hellfire corner” as motorists have smashed the bollards down on numerous occasions.

arthur moranNow highways is to close Welsh Row on October 27 to 29 to remove the island and return to the highway to its previous state.

“It’s not before time,” said Cllr Moran, (pictured)

“It has been a problem for many years. I was against it at the time, but it went ahead anyway.

“People are driving over it, smashing into the bollards.

“The original steel posts had to be taken away as they were smashed down, the replacement plastic.

“I saw one elderly couple crash into it, and there have been a number of near misses and some road rage incidents, too.

“I have to negotiate it every time I come out of Queens Drive, and it is dangerous.”

It’s thought the work will cost around £3,500 to complete.

Traffic weight limits placed at each end of Welsh Row to ensure lorries use the Waterlode bypass, will remain in place.


  1. Now that the island has been removed, what plans are there to curb the number of drivers breaking the speed limit? As a resident of Welsh Row, I’m concerned about the regular occurrence of drivers who seem to be in a big hurry! Suggestions: Reduce limit to 20mph, have random speed checks on road. (Speed bumps would be dreadful!)

  2. It’s always been a real pain.

    It seems many drivers never know what to do and who to actually give way to , It won’t be missed.

  3. well, well, at long last. Can anyone name the councillors who called for this and does anyone know the cost of installing and dismantling?

  4. “Traffic weight limits placed at each end of Welsh Row to ensure lorries use the Waterlode bypass, will remain in place.” That’s a laugh, have you seen tge size of some of the vehicles using Queens Drive? The Spa delivery vehicle…looks like the Rolling Stones on tour! And yes, the speed down these roads is to fast and dangerous to all. Police don’t want to know!

  5. Justin Williams says:


  6. same as the ones in Church Minshull! Not sure it’s the island that is the problem….i’d take a look at some of the speeds and manoeuvres that take place on welsh row!

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