CEC car parking -Snow Hill Nantwich - parking charges recommenced on 15th June 2020 (1)

Nantwich Town councillors are to discuss plans by Cheshire East to scrap cash payments on all but one of the council-run car parks in the town.

Cheshire East highways committee agreed back in January to going “cashless” on its car parks.

But agreed that at least one car park in each town should retain cash payment service – and for Nantwich that will be Snow Hill.

In a report to the town council, it states Snow Hill is most appropriate as it is a “larger and busier car park with access both to the town centre and the leisure centre”.

It will mean other council owned car parks – including Civic Centre, Love Lane, Bowling Green, First Wood Street and Church Lane – will become cashless.

Cheshire East is now inviting feedback from town and parish councils across the borough on the plans.

The town council is set to discuss this proposal and agree its response at the next meeting on Thursday May 9.

Highways at Cheshire East also agreed that at least one car park in Nantwich should offer a “half hour” tariff, and that pre-paid tickets should be usable on all Cheshire East car parks.

You can find out about Nantwich car parks, charges and when it is free to park, by visiting here.


  1. Yes it is cheaper. You do’t have to pay for ticket machines or pay someone to empty them.

  2. I realise that not everyone is a fan of parking apps (including me initially) but they have several advantages:

    – They’ll remember your car, so it’s quick and easy.
    – You don’t have to wait at a machine.
    – You can pay inside your car if it’s raining
    – You don’t have to find or carry coins
    – If you’re running out of time, you can extend without returning to the car
    – The app will remind you when time is expiring
    – You can use the app in other towns.

    Of course, some people aren’t able to use such technology, but if you can, I’d urge you to open your mind and use it. It really is better.

  3. Keith…. Don’t need to employ anyone to collect the money and also less inducement for thrives to try and break into the machine.

  4. I C Hall says:

    The Council that is giving us a Multi Million Pound Car Park in a Ghost Town now wants to deprive us of the rite to use Cash to pay for Parking on all but one of Nantwich Car Parks. Is it a coinsidadance that Car Park is where the Council Owned Leisure Centre is and not the local Health Centre in Beam St. Thanks Cheshire East another Own Goal.

  5. I C Hall. says:

    PATHETIC. Is this why Nantwich residents pay so much in Council Tax. Is this the best the Lame Brained C E councilors can come up with. What about the car park in Beam st. Will people have to faf about with smart phones when parking at the Nantwich HEALTH CENTRE.

  6. I think it is a disgrace to get rid of cash for paying to park your car. I am regularly behind someone trying to use a card in the parking machine, it takes longer than putting coins in. It is discrimination. Please do not bring this into force.

  7. The road through the car park should be closed as soon as the kingbourne estate through route is open, it is highly dangerous as it is.

    I didn’t think you had to queue up to use the phone app because you don’t use the machine – do you?

  8. Barrie has the situation bang on the nose. Snow Hill is a really dangerous car park. No pathway and even queuing for the machines is dangerous. Speed limit should definitely be decreased

  9. Can’t wait to be stood behind five or six people faffing about with their phones at the machines

  10. App often doesn’t work or load.
    Elderly often don’t have smart phoned
    Some people rely on cash to budget.
    Please don’t do this.
    Does it also mean people will be put of a job?

  11. Barrie Duke says:

    It would be more helpful if the council reduced the speed limit through the middle from 30 mph, provided pavements for pedestrians to walk to Swine market and removed an enormous planter from an existing pathway that pushes pedestrians into the path of on coming vehicles.
    This must be one of the most dangerous car parks in Cheshire East.

  12. Geoff Stockton says:

    Keith Williams is spot on about people being rewarded for passing the parking law

  13. Geoff Stockton says:

    D cec not care about elderly people who don’t have cards or these new phones

  14. Many people do not use apps on their phones to pay for car parking. Hopefully you will be able to pay with debit or credit card.
    Cheshire East waste thousands of pounds, yet cannot maintain the use of cash to pay for car parking.
    Simply adjust the boundaries of the wards reduce the number of counsellors and it would save thousands of pounds.

  15. Why .is it cheaper after setting up changes .or is someone getting something in rtn for a change over .

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