aerial shot of david lloyd health club in nantwich

Dozens of residents have visited David Lloyd Leisure’s public consultation exhibitions for its planned new Nantwich health and wellness club.

The company staged two public events on Friday and yesterday, at Wychwood Park Hotel and at Crewe Vagrants in Willaston.

There were display boards showing images of how the club would look and the exact location.

And there were employees on hand to answer various questions around membership packages, accessibility, construction work and more.

There was no formal presentations but a steady stream of people visited each event

The new club is planned on land off Newcastle Road, just a few hundred yards from the busy A500 Cheerbrook roundabout in Nantwich.

map location of new david lloyd leisure club in nantwich
map location of new David Lloyd leisure club in Nantwich

A spokesperson for David Lloyd told Nantwich News that they hope to submit initial planning applications this summer, with a view of constructing the club and opening it in spring 2026.

On its website, the company said: “David Lloyd Leisure has undertaken research and considered sites across the country and has identified Cheshire East as the perfect location to provide this facility.

“Having analysed other sites within the local area, David Lloyd Leisure have determined that the site on Newcastle Road is the most appropriate for the proposals use given its size as well as the fact the site is not protected by the Green Belt, nor does it sit within the Green/Strategic Wedge.

“Access to the site is gained via Newcastle Road, a 40mph road which is linked to the A500 – Shavington Bypass by the Cheerbrook Roundabout.

aerial view of david lloyd centre nantwich
Aerial view of David Lloyd health club in Nantwich

“The site is currently under-utilised and situated immediately adjacent to existing Crewe Vagrants Sport Club and Crewe and Nantwich RUFC sports facilities.

“The land is adjacent to the Crewe and Nantwich RUFC, which has a degree of activity and therefore provides an opportunity for coalescence of leisure uses between the two parties and give the area a very firm, sporting hub identity.”

If it gets the go ahead, the new centre will create around 80-100 new jobs for the area.

You can find out more information and provide feedback by visiting David Lloyd’s planned Nantwich centre website.

(Images courtesy of Jan Roberts of exhibition boards)

main entrance to planned new david lloyd club in nantwich
main entrance to planned new David Lloyd leisure club in Nantwich
internal design of nantwich david lloyd leisure club
internal layout of planned new Nantwich David Lloyd leisure club


  1. Victoria says:

    The article states it’s not greenbelt. Having been a member of two of their clubs I have never once had to queue to get in or out. It’s not like an office where everyone’s arriving and leaving at the same time. There will be plenty of people who don’t want to pay the membership who will no doubt welcome the reduced pressure on the council run facilities, especially the outdoor pool. Plus it’s creating upwards of 100 jobs. Can’t see anything to dislike apart from perhaps you don’t want it opposite you?

  2. Victoria says:

    Can’t wait for this. I’ve been a member of two DL clubs and rang them to ask if there were plans for this area about 15 years ago as I missed it when I stopped working near Cheshire oaks. They have brilliant facilities and it will relieve pressure on Nantwich leisure centre and outdoor pool. Can’t wait.

  3. Ive been a David Lloyd’s member in the past.
    It’s first class facilities are second to none.
    It is so desperately needed in Nantwich and surrounding areas. It’ll be good for the economy aswell as providing job opportunities.
    Im so excited that David Lloyd’s have chosen Newcastle rd Nantwich. Can’t wait for it to open! My health & wellbeing will improve enormously.

  4. No doubt the boomers and nimbus will protest to have it stopped.

  5. Newcastle Road is a former A road and should cope with the traffic generated. Junction/access issues will be dealt with during construction. Protection of council services is not relevant. See D Lloyd centre that directly neighbours council operated Ellesmere Port Sports Village.
    This is an excellent scheme, despite the impact on your personal back yard.

  6. This will be a brilliant facility and I am really excited for it. It shows confidence in the area and provides much needed quality employment. The location is ideal for serving not only Nantwich, but Crewe, Williston, and Shavington with truly first class facilities. Can’t wait for this great social, health and wellbeing hub to open 😃

  7. The area needs more leisure facilities , particularly considering the loss of Total Fitness in Crewe to the local community. Additionally with the loss of HS2 to the region the creation of approximately 100 jobs is welcomed.

  8. There are so many negatives to this proposal. This is green belt land, Newcastle Road has become increasingly busy over the years and this will simply add to the traffic and encourage non-local traffic to visit the area (I’ve lived across the way from this proposal for the last 14years and have seen the increase in traffic already), there will be issues of stopped traffic trying to turn on a busy road, additional pollution, and there is that many sporting facilities in Nantwich and Crewe that this will simply dilute the clientele they all receive – on top of that the local councils have invested heavily into some of these sporting facilities themselves with our council tax and this proposal will affect the return of our local money. To me, they have a long way to go before this can get anywhere near approval.

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