car wash objection - Independent Nantwich Cllr Arthur Moran welcomes 20mph zone at Malbank

An Independent councillor in Nantwich has hit back at initial plans to build a car park on green space near the River Weaver.

Conservative councillors David Marren and Peter Groves say the site, behind Nantwich Pool off Wall Lane, is viable despite flood fears.

But Independent Cllr Arthur Moran (pictured), for Nantwich North and West, said other alternatives should be considered before green land was built on.

He also took a swipe at the two Conservative councillors, neither of whom live in Nantwich.

“I really think they need to stop jumping the gun, before they start digging up parts of our town,” said Cllr Moran.

“These are two councillors who don’t live here, remember, and they want to start digging up green spaces in my ward, Nantwich North and West.

“Yes, we are for extra car parking, but it would be a good idea to consult with the residents properly and keep an open mind to look at other alternatives.

“We’ve also been told there could be filter beds for the swimming pool below the ground on that part of land, so this would need to be looked into anyway.”

Cllr Moran, of Queens Drive, Nantwich, also said there were other issues that needed immediate attention.

His comments come after Cllrs Marren and Groves issued a joint statement saying the land next to the pool was a viable option to provide more parking spaces near the town centre.

Cllr Marren is on Nantwich Town Council, but also represents Haslington on Cheshire East Council. He lives in Shavington.

Cllr Groves represents Nantwich South and Stapeley on Cheshire East Council, and lives in Bulkeley, near Malpas.


  1. I have had difficulty parking on Market days and do think more parking needs to be provided in the town centre even if that is near the swimming pool. Remember Nantwich lost about 100 spaces when the doctor’s surgery was built. Cllr Moran never seems to do much but he is quick to squash the ideas of others. Needs to change his attitude I think.

  2. Parking is problem in Nantwich and I am glad someone is trying to tackle it. I think all this about where exactly people live is a bit scary. Nantwich is a local town for local people but surely you don’t have to live right in the town centre to care about it? I see Nantwich as my home town but I live in Willaston. Does that mean I am not entitled to an opinion? I agree there should be public consultation but its better to try and do something than just complain.
    Carol, Willaston

    • Alison Greaves says:

      Yes if you indeed lived in the town centre it would be acceptable to have a voice in the matter as it would affect you personally.
      Willaston is part of Nantwich, however I would say those folk living right in the centre of town should have a first say, being as these changes affect them more.
      As for parking, there is no real problem providing you time your visit right, or be prepared to walk further.
      One day we will have to park our cars and catch a shuttle bus to the shops as everywhere has been built upon, oh yes, crazy, we do have those already in some towns!!

      • Park & Rides schemes can be brilliant. Every time I go to Chester or Shrewsbury I use the Park & Ride. It may take a few minutes longer, but both schemes cost far less than a town centre car park and take away all the stress.

        I’m not sure Nantwich is big enough to have one, but if they did, it would solve the parking problems at a stroke.

  3. As far as I can tell, all we know is that this site is ‘viable’ – it doesn’t say that it will happen. This will still have to go through normal planning processes and the public consultation that goes with that. At least some folk are looking at potential solutions to the parking problems in Nantwich!

  4. What’s the point of another car park… people will still park on the grass verges or block the pavement exits to wall lane for free and not care about the rate paying residents! … where are you on this matter Arthur ?!

  5. Must be election time Arthur and the Swimming pool and the river belongs to all Nantwich people not just you. Whoever is a town councillor should be because they are good and can get things done rather than just complain. Where they live doesn’t really matter. I don’t want someone representing me just because they come from Nantwich. I want a doer.

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