litter spilling out of swine market bins

Residents in Nantwich are calling for action to make town centre stores tidy commercial waste and rubbish off the streets.

Many say not enough is being done and calls for a late night levy on commercial premises have re-surfaced.

Others are concerned that historic landmarks like the medieval pillories on Pillory Street are being turned into an eyesore by bags of dumped garbage, which is attracting rats.

One of the worst areas blighted with waste is at the rear of Swinemarket’s row of shops, backing on to Snow Hill car park.

Anne Greenwood said: “Our fabulous town is going downhill with fast food shops. For the last four weeks it’s been a disgusting mess and nothing has been done.”

Kathryn Maddock said: “I was only walking through town last week and commented to my husband about how disgusting the pavements were in town – full of litter and chewing gum.

“I know the volunteer street cleaners do an amazing job, but are we relying on them too much?

“It’s so disgusting how some people have no pride in the appearance of this lovely town.”

Neil Dodd contacted the council about a residents’ bin on Pillory Street and bags of rubbish dumped by the pillory landmark.

litter and bins next to historic Pillory Street stocks

And Jim Moulton added: “At 6am on a Tuesday morning the town is disgusting after student night – litter, cans, bottles, plants pulled out of tubs and thrown around. Disgusting.”

Last year, Nantwich Town Council backed a new “late night levy” scheme which would charge takeaways and restaurants to pay for cleaning up the pavements and streets.

A spokesman for Nantwich Town Council said: “The late night levy was a suggestion that was being considered by Cheshire East.

“Some Nantwich councillors on Cheshire East Council are in favour but as yet Cheshire East seems reluctant to implement it.

“One of the worst areas is at the rear of Subway and the Pizza takeaway.

“We have reported this to ANSA (Cheshire East) and they are investigating with Environmental Health.”

A Cheshire East Council spokesperson added: “The council takes littering very seriously and will consider prosecuting offenders where there is sufficient evidence to do so.

“However, litter found in the proximity of commercial waste skips, on private land, is not the responsibility of the council to clear up but the individual property owner.

“Businesses do have a duty of care to manage their waste appropriately and, where complaints are raised, our community enforcement officers will visit the area and speak to any commercial operators who may bear responsibility.”

litter and wheelie bins back of Swine Market stores in Nantwich
(pics provided by Nantwich News readers)


  1. ‘Blighted’ seems too strong a word although some of these areas are fairly unpleasant. Once you get away from the town centre, which is generally very clean (or it wouldn’t have impressed the Britain in Bloom judges over so many years) it is, however, a different story. Litter is everywhere; especially on main road verges, but also along the banks of the River Weaver and near the secondary school boundaries.
    No amount of regular picking will fully deal with this – clearly we have to produce less packaging and drop less rubbish in the first place. At the moment it’s a losing battle, but it would be a good start if, rather than blaming Cheshire East for not clearing up after us, we all took some responsibility for litter. Adopt a section of minor road verge or an area of open space and try to keep it clean!
    For longer term solutions have a look at the Government’s 25 year plan.

    • I pick up litter every time I go out but I do think that the local authority should be working harder to keep areas clean like this

      • Do you know just how much the local litter groups and individual folk like you collect each month that the councils haven’t?

        Are you aware of the praise the local council heaps on these helpers?

        And the fact we win Britain in Bloom is because of all the local helpers kindness.

        To be honest this band of few are saving EVERY COUCIL TAX PAYER a huge increase on tax, as the money would have to come from somewhere.Is that what you want VP?
        by getting off the sofa and doing work for the common good we are all saving.


        • Phil Merrin says:

          Yes the community does need more people to help; if we all took accountability for our environment, things would look a lot better. However, when it comes to retail establishments and their immediate environments, that is firmly the responsibility of the local authority to take action

  2. Quote” However, litter found in the proximity of commercial waste skips, on private land, is not the responsibility of the council to clear up but the individual property owner.”

    Yet again, Cheshire East saying “nothing to do with us”. 🙁

  3. Been saying this for years. Takeaways,bars,cafes and other business owners in town should be made to maintain their shopfront and pavements.Council could pay for the checks by enforcing fines. Pavements should be jetwashed in summer to keep the smell of fat and grease away from the takeaways especially around Swinemarket and Welsh Row.

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