rubbish during jazz festival - pic by @csdriver

Dear Cheshire East Council,
My husband and I visited our family in Nantwich last weekend as we have done many times since they settled there. We love the town, the history, the parks, river and canals and the glorious floral displays. This weekend we were treated to overflowing rubbish bins everywhere, floral displays used as dumping grounds for even more rubbish. It was an utter disgrace.
As a council you have several slogans ‘ keep Cheshire east clean’ and ‘ there are no RUBBISH excuses’ I did not get the sense that these values were in place last weekend.
I realise that the Jazz festival drew many people to Nantwich over the Easter weekend and much of the rubbish was generated as a knock on effect of the privately run festival. However as a Council you no doubt have some say in the provision and terms of conditions of events like the Jazz festival so I find it surprising that you do not negotiate with the organisers to contribute to extra litter clearance given the huge influx of people the town. This would mean the council charging the festival for extra council workers or the festival providing volunteer litter pickers as I believe they have at the food festivals.
If one visits a Disney world park there is never any litter because clearing it is a priority. It is regrettable that ‘Jo public’ does not always take his litter home but they did their best to pile stuff in the rubbish bin areas but at least if you provided extra facilities on these occasions there might be less strewn around to deface your beautiful town of Nantwich.
Sarah King

(resident of another beautiful English market town – Beverley in East Yorkshire)
*pic courtesy of @csdriver

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  1. I live in nantwich..
    And went for a run at 6 sat/ mon morning.
    And indeed the bins were being emptied and people cleaning up ! When I opened my shop at 9 it was spotless..

  2. Jane Smith says:

    I live in the centre of Nantwich, and I was thinking the opposite. Each day was indeed really busy and hectic (and somewhat drunken by night time). However by the next morning all was restored to order. All bins emptied with clean new bin liners. All piles of rubbish were taken away. My thanks go to all those – the council – the volunteer groups – the organisers – and public spirited individuals, – who all helped make Nantwich clean and tidy again by the morning.

    • I’m with you here Jane

      Walking home from an evening round town on Sunday night Welsh Row was like a glimpse into a dystopian future. On the way back into town Monday morning the it was spotless again

      I thought the clean up operation each night was great and the planters by Mill Island look incredible

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