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Is anybody else sick of benefit cheats who claim all sorts yet work cash in hand and spend money on holidays, iPhones, drink, drugs and complain about not enough help?
Well what about the hard working families and single parents who have to go without or go to foodbanks because the benefits just don’t cover everything.
To be fair if employers would not give cash in hand and commit tax fraud, then they would be not as many benefit cheats.
And if the government was able to do more checks, they’d find people claiming things like carers allowance when they don’t actually do anything all – it’s fraud but not frowned upon as much.
One local business owner pays a lady cash to clean his houses, and used to help in his business, cash in hand too for over four years.
That’s a lot of benefit fraud and tax evasion isn’t it?

Ste Cooper

(pic used under creative commons licence)


  1. Tom Briars says:

    The real scandal is the pay gap between men and women

  2. Not especially.
    Look up the figures. Benefit fraud, while obviously unacceptable, is the second lowest level of fraud in the UK. Tax fraud is eight or nine times higher. So I, for one, am sick of people and big companies (including ones we all use, all the time) evading and avoiding their tax liabilities, because they can. That is the real scandal.

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