snugburys bee

Snugburys ave unveiled their latest stunning sculpture – and it’s creating a real buzz already!

This giant bee stands 40ft tall and is made of straw and hand split wood.

It has been unveiled in place of Peter Rabbit in the field next to the A51 at the popular ice cream attraction.

The wood is coated in a natural black dye to give him his iconic stripes.

The giant straw Peter Rabbit has stood proud at the site for three years, and Snugburys has been famous for such sculptures for many years.

A spokeswoman for Snugburys said: “We had an unprecedented amount of requests for our next straw feature, and this one was such an obvious pick for us.

“As a certified organic farm we do our best to enhance the farms environment for the local wildlife.

“We heard some terrible statistics about bees, for example did you know one third of the UK’s bee population has disappeared in the last decade!

“We wanted to do our bit and help these little fellas out.

“We have teamed up with @bumblebeeconservationtrust and every chocolate honeycomb piece bought in our shop we will be donating 50p, helping them to keep up their great work of protecting our bees.

“They really are the bees knees!”

Previous straw sculptures have been made and displayed to celebrate certain events or themes, such as Big Ben, Millennium Eye, Dalek, Cyclist and a Meerkat.

Snugburys is base on the A51 Chester Road at hurleston, near Nantwich.

(Image courtesy of Snugburys. For more details visit

snugburys bee


  1. Sharon Doodson says:

    I think this is fantastic.

    Shame on all you wingers. Bees need promoting for without them we will be no more, so stop moaning and celebrate this fantastic creatures and help the world to repair the damage we have caused.

    Well done to you Snugburys for yet again another brilliant creation

  2. Jade Morgan says:

    No I am not warming to it, far too scratchy looking. Loved the Darlek and the Meercat, can’t see the point in just one bee, where are all the others?

  3. F. Kander says:

    Probably the worst idea to show light of day, a beehive would have looked better,
    Or even Poo Bear with his honeypot

  4. Sarah says:

    Jesus… just donate the money spent making that monstrosity to the charity.. come on now. Is no one going to talk about how horrifying that looks.

  5. Wow awesome nice to see Snugburys doing something for the humble bumble bee .???

  6. Mark Johnson says:

    Brilliant another great creation by Snugburys

  7. SueMay says:

    WOW !!

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