travellers on Crewe Vagrants land in Willaston

A councillor says he was “threatened” by angry men as took photos of an unauthorised encampment on The Vagrants in Willaston.

Cllr Allen Gage, Cheshire East for Willaston and Rope, said a number of men rounded on him when he was spotted taking pictures from a distance, one allegedly shouting “delete those, I’ll kill you”.

He visited the site yesterday for a meeting with Vagrants staff who raised concerns about the unauthorised encampment.

It is alleged they gained access by breaking open locks on a gate.

Cllr Gage says he took a distance photo to forward to the Cheshire East Enforcement Team and police.

But as he left he says he was approached by a group of men who “verbally threatened him” and attempted to prevent him leaving the site in his car.

Cllr Gage said: “Caravans have appeared on the Vagrants cricket pitch through a gate that has had the lock broken off.

“People have understandably voiced upset as the Vagrants is a valued community asset.

“I took this ‘distance’ picture to share with the relevant authorities after having had a socially distanced chat from the side of my car, with one of vagrants staff.

“I was then rounded on and chased by a few large blokes with one shouting extreme threats.

“I made it back into my car and got the door locked before they could get hold of me.

“At that point I realised a light blue camper van had pulled in front of me to block my escape.

“I managed some manner of skidding J turn and got round the car and out the front gate onto Newcastle Road.”

Cllr gage posted experience on Facebook
Cllr Gage posted experience on Facebook

Cllr Gage, who posted about the incident on Facebook, says he worked as a volunteer in the past with people from non-settled travelling communities.

“I know that this is not a reaction or behaviour representative of the travelling community as a whole and I am not suggesting that these men were from a travelling community,” he added.

“I have no idea who they were – only that they certainly didn’t want a chat! The police were contacted immediately.”

The travellers were told to leave by 9am today.

Cllr Janet Clowes (Conservative Group Leader) said: “I am relieved Cllr Gage and the member of the Vagrants staff are ok, however nothing condones threatening behaviour to staff or elected representatives.

“I am pleased that the appropriate authorities have been informed and are dealing with these matters.”

We have contacted Cheshire Police for a statement and are awaiting a reply.

It’s not clear if the travellers camping at the Vagrants are the same who occupied the Barony Park in Nantwich on Bank Holiday Monday.


  1. I thought our MP was going to get this sort of thing stopped.

  2. They are now on the George’s in Crewe. Broken the gate down and playing all over the play area.

  3. Lesley Adams says:

    Dreadful behaviour. Are they going to be charged with criminal damage to property? Me thinks not but if that was someone local…..

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