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Police in Nantwich have vowed to target anti-social “hotspots” in the town’s parks after reports of large gatherings causing problems.

They say officers will be stepping up patrols at “identified” problem areas, including Brookfield Park and the lake off Shrewbridge Road.

It comes as national campaign group Countryside Alliance has called for the public to respect “green spaces” after images emerged from the weekend of parks being blighted by litter.

In one tweet, a Nantwich resident said: “Brookfield Park – widespread anti-social behaviour night after night, litter, mopeds racing across the park, speeding, urinating, smoking weed.”

Parks - tweet about Brookfield Park

tweet about Brookfield Park

The tweet was used by the CA as part of its national plea to look after park areas.

Sgt Ian Bennett, who heads Nantwich Police, said: “It has been identified that Brookfield Park and Shrewbridge lake have become hotspots for large gatherings.

“We have raised this as a priority for extra patrols in the area.

“With the hot weather and the closure of all leisure amenities, it has obviously led to public open spaces becoming more popular.

“This does not mean the anti-social behaviour or criminal behaviour will be tolerated.

“We will give the area extra attention over the coming days.”

The Countryside Alliance said there were multiple reports from across the country last weekend about beauty spots being blighted by litter.

Sarah Lee, Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance, said: “Getting out into the countryside and to green spaces is to be expected when the weather is as beautiful as it is.

“However, it appears some have forgotten that leaving rubbish behind to be presumably picked up by others is somehow okay.

“There is never an excuse for it and those doing it should be ashamed.

“We can’t ignore the wildlife, who suffer as a result of this selfishness.

“While visiting beauty spots is helpful, if rural areas are to thrive economically going forward, it cannot be the case that they are left with clearing up the mess like this.

“An inevitable consequence of permitting groups of people to visit open spaces, where they are likely to sit for some time consuming beverages, will lead to people needing to use the toilet, which in most cases is not available to them currently.

“We can’t have a situation where people are relieving themselves in public places.

“It’s both unhygienic and disgusting for everyone visiting the local area.

“People also need to take personal responsibility for their own hygiene & have respect for other people.”


  1. Redmond Davies says:

    Glad it is raining really, keep them at home close to their own loos instead of stinking out our public space

  2. Rose says:

    The towpath suffers the same problem. With so many people cycling, running and walking. We have the added problem of motorised scooters. They get raced along the towpath at speed. It’s an accident waiting to happen. One just missed my friends dog a couple of weeks ago.

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